Monday, September 2, 2013

Justin's 30th Birthday

We let Justin sleep in as long as possible on his Sunday morning birthday before serving him breakfast in bed surrounded by two kids that want to love on him! We headed to church and had a seemingly quite afternoon...until he was awaken from his sleep...

As I thought about what Justin would like for this birthday, all I could think of was.... GUY TIME! He gives so much to our family, to school, and to Young Life, he is often at a lose for time to spend with his guy friends. I called up Jared and we started planning! Jared ended up getting Jake and Kyle to come pounce on Justin during his afternoon nap and snatched him up for a birthday camping trip! They headed out toward Sylvan Lake to do some climbing and camping. It did feel weird to be without him on his birthday, but it was refreshing and adventurous for him...and that is just what I wanted to give him! 

Jared, Jake, Kyle, and Justin with the birthday brownies that I sent them off with! 

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