Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sprague Time in StL

Planes: Fire and Rescue Movie with Mimi and Papa
What a great first movie theatre experience! Macklin loved it. Papa and Macy both took naps for a bit. And I was just excited that my kids were enjoying the day! 


Park Day with Uncle John's Family
The kids loved just being able to hang out with their cousins! 

Swimming with Mimi and Papa
It was a bit cold for swimming with the cooler weather. This was a short trip :)

Most of our time with the Sprague family during this trip was spent at Kevin's wedding and at the 65th wedding party for my grandparents. So many fun things in a short period of time! 

Grandma Time in StL

St. Louis Zoo Trip including the Sea Lion Show 
The Sea Lion Show was a hit with the kids this year since we had not seen it in the past. I would highly recommend it! 

This was a huge hit too! The Dog Show was super entertaining to watch and the kids could have stayed forever in each room whether they were playing with pets or digging in the corn! 

Getting Our Eyes Checked
The kids finally let Grandma look! 

Yummy Desserts with Grandma 

Kleekamp Dinner at Grandma's House 

Mema & Grandpa Time in StL

Dinner Out with Mema and Grandpa 

Hanging Out at the House 

 Hanging Out at the Winery 

Franklin County Country Club Pool 
A cold day at the pool, but the kids jump in nonetheless! 

Hanging at the House

This is by far one of the most genuine pictures of Macklin all year! Go Grandpa!