Sunday, October 30, 2011

State XC

We had a GREAT experience at the state meet.
The boys had a blast (with a snowball fight, dinner at Olive Garden, surprise new state uniforms, the state meet, and lots of fans) and how could you not?

We were ranked 25th coming into the meet (out of 25), but as the final qualifiers from the mountains, that is to be expected. We ended up 25th, but we are not disappointed. We gained some valuable experience with three sophomores running at state (one of which took 49th) as well as two juniors, who should all return next season.

It was a great end to a fantastic season and I am grateful to have coached these boys!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EV XC Regionals 2011

Coaching XC this season has been one wild ride! I have learned so much, stressed so much, laughed so much, and cheered so much! If my season would have ended 3 weeks ago, I would have said it was a challenging year with some tough situations. I felt like each day coming home from practice was something new that I didn't know how to deal with. But, I continued to fight, praying more and more for wisdom and guidance on who to run when and who needed talking to. We had injuries and drama and all of the above. But, I would have said that I learned something through all of that and it made me a better coach. Just not as "easy" as years one and two.

Well, the last three weeks have made the fight worth every minute. The kids have really prevailed and showed how bad they want to be here and how hard they want to compete. Our workouts have been tough, injuries have been rested, and it seems as though everything is just coming together. The team is bonding and they are all enjoying the athletic experience. I have such a great group of kids to work with, and it is showing during these final few weeks.

Regionals (our only state qualifying meet) happened last Wednesday and I am happy to say, for the first time ever, that our (boys) team qualified for state! Yes, that is right!!!! Our 7th ranked boys raced themselves to 4th place (out of 11) to earn a bid at state! Our girls preformed super well, placing 6th (while ranked 9th) against some tough competition. You would have thought that we won the meet when they announced that we placed 4th; it was awesome!

So, we will head down to Denver this Saturday to enjoy our first state meet as a team!
Go Devils and congrats to my guys!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The best thing that happened as a result of my regional cross country meet being held on a Wednesday....I had a weekend off in October!!! = MOAB TRIP!!!!!

We hadn't been to Moab in the last year. So when the Bangstons and Bakers invited us along, we jumped at the chance to hang out there. Here is a little photo journal of our weekend.

Saturday: Me playing with our sweet babies in the morning! Bath time!
Morning: Mountain Bike Ride of Slickrock
Midday: Bouldering
Afternoon: Cliff Jumping
Night: Watching the Cardinals Win a World Series Game and Winning Catan Himself
wow. that is all i can say. wow.
Sunday: Visit to Arches National Park
We look so little next to all of these huge formations.
What a creative God we have!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

STL Visit: Olivastro Time

And, we can't leave out one of our favorite families that we got to visit in St. Louis...the Olivastros! Luca and Macklin are growing up so fast and it is a joy every time we get to have them together! Love you guys!

STL Visit: Wedding!!!

Tiffany (Justin's cousin) and Zach got married in Chesterfield on October 8th at the Double Tree Hotel. It was a great wedding. ALL of the Kleekamp family was present, which was a huge blessing (and made us even more grateful that we could join the group). They did a great job planning and had lots of fun, unique elements for their big day.

We did get a chance to snap some Christmas pics with Justin's mom before the wedding!
The happy couple cutting their sweet cake made by Aunt Maureen
Kathy and Beth's boys

Proud Grandma with her boys
My bump is showing!
Kathy has been calling this the "Royal Wedding" since summer time. So, she brought hats to play the part and we had a great time wearing them as the couple walked into the reception.
The Kleekamp women and their hats

Macklin keeping busy
Kathy and her sisters enjoying the reception
The Kleekamp Great Grandkids
(Mack, Reznor, Maddison, Luke)

***The formatting on this page is driving me nuts. Sorry for the weirdness

STL Visit: Time with the Spragues

We were able to see my family for a bit while we were in town for the wedding too! It was so much fun to have everyone together and of course we took advantage of a chance for some Christmas card pictures (yes, the brown, khaki and orange worked out)! Not sure which my mom chose, but I put a few of my favorites below. We were able to play in the leaves and have a great time!

We, of course, celebrated the Cardinals making it to the post season too!!!

Playing in the yard with Mimi

The Sprague Clan

My brother Kevin and his sweet girlfriend Alex

My brother John and his family

Justin pushing the girls around

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

STL Visit: Time with Grandpa and Mema

Last weekend we went to St.Louis for Justin's cousins wedding. We got a special treat by having Justin's dad and Kathy pick us up from the airport and have a picnic with them! Macklin was happy to get off the plane (even though he did very well) and go play! After a quick nap on the way, we went to Faust Park in Chesterfield to play. I think it was the most kid-saturated playground I have ever seen, but it was a blast! We had a great lunch of fried chicken and yummy potato salad. Here are some pictures of our day!

Young Life Update

One of our first clubs!

Halloween club last Wednesday!
We trick-or-treated on the 26th!
(And collected almost 400 canned goods in 30 minutes!)

The Lord has blessed Vail Valley Young Life so much this fall. We (meaning Justin pulling me along) decided that God was calling him to do Eagle Valley (just for down valley kids) YL this fall no matter what the sitution was with the rest of the valley. I am so glad that my husband is bold and in tune with God when I resist...what big ways God has been moving! We were blessed with free use of a building (Impact Ministries right next to the high school), sound equipment from a committee member, and an awesome Campaigner (our bible study leader-type kids) group that wants to step up. We have had five or six clubs and our lowest numbers have been in the high forties!!! So many kids are hungry for God's word and to find purpose in their life.

We do have some prayer requests so if you would like to partner with us in prayer,
that would be so sweet!

-Pray that our numbers would continue to be high so that the energy can be super positive and more kids can hear about Christ!
-Pray for more leaders, especially guys, that want to love high school kids at EV.
-Pray for our winter camp trip this coming weekend in Buena Vista at Frontier Ranch. Pray that kids would respond to the message of Christ and that kids would look past barriers that are holding them back from actually getting on the trip.
-Pray for the time we get to spend with our believing high school friends as we disciple them.
-Pray for us as we take on running this club. Pray for our preparation in talks, organization, and our own personal time in the Word.
-Pray for us as we take the initial steps of Justin taking a more formal role with YL (more to come on this in the future).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mack's New Shoes

Macklin got a package in the mail was new pair of shoes from his Uncle Kevin! It was so fun! I love getting packages to begin with. But then to get a new pair of Tiny Toms for Mack, that is even better! Someone was doing their research (check out this blog post from a while back) and it couldn't have come at a better time! I had just gotten Macklin a new pair of shoes (which he needed because he only had one) and they were too small when I got home! So then these came! Perfect timing! Thanks Uncle Kevin! You have good taste!

I think Mack was so excited because I was so excited! He loved them!

Checking out how they look!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Happenings

My husband has been doing a great job of loving me this week!

When I asked what they did last Saturday while I was at my meet, Justin said, "I thought you might ask." Then he handed me this card :)

Then yesterday I came home to these beautiful fall sunflowers! Justin is the best!

Macklin and I have been trying our hand at Halloween foods!
Check out our Hallo-weenies! They are little mummies!

And spider web breadsticks that Macklin had fun putting the egg on!