Monday, December 24, 2012

Brandt Christmas

The Brandt Christmas was our first official STL Christmas. It is always enjoyable to get together with the Brandts...there will always be lots of presents and REALLY REALLY good food! This year did not disappoint :) Justin's aunts and uncles as well as his cousins family spoil our kiddos big time. Macklin had fun opening gifts. He is doing well at thanking people and moving slower than his heart desires. It was also super fun to see Chloe play with our kids. She is going to be a GREAT babysitter some day soon. One other thing that I noticed was that Macklin is really starting to know our family more and more. He realizes that they love him super a lot and is warming up much quicker than in the past. 

Earl made fried of Justin's favorites! 

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