Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ozark Vaca - Day 1 & 2

It is time to get the vacation pictures flowing! We had a great time with the Olivastros at the Lake of the Ozarks during the final week of July. Our week started off amazingly with some adult time! Grandma had Sunday and Monday off and decided to bless us with it! She came down with her sister Beth and watched the kids on Sunday night while we went out to dinner and then off to play putt-putt. Then Monday afternoon we got a little bonus time of a Panera date complete with a game of Settlers and some indiviual work time. Way relaxing and fun start. It was been a blast already to have our four little ones together in one condo- Macklin (3.5), Luca (3), Macy (15 months), and Niko (9 months I think). 

The best group pic of the week! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Time with Grandpa and Mema

I realized that I forgot to post some really great pictures from our St. Louis trip. My apologizes on the delay! During our time in STL, we were actually able to see Grandpa and Mema two different times. We stopped through on the way to the Lake trip. We were able to hang out on Saturday night and all day on Sunday. Then, on the way back from the Lake, we stayed for the weekend again. 

We are so grateful that they like Baxter too. It is Bax's home away from home in Missouri. He got to spend a week getting spoiled by his Grandpa and Mema. I mean it when I say he came back to CO with more treats than we had given him in the last 6 months. It is welcomed though, as sometimes Baxter gets the short end of the stick around Gypsum. 

During our first weekend together, the kids were able to play with Grandpa's toys - both big and small. Justin's old train is quickly becoming Macklin's favorite thing there...

but, it is hard to compete with the four-wheeler! 

Sunday afternoon, we were able to go over to the White Mule Winery and enjoy a little informal Schlottach Reunion! It happen to be the fair weekend while we were in town. Most of the family was there (only a few exceptions I think) and the grandkids had a blast together. The boys played in Mema's Mule and took turns taking rides around the farm. Macy even wanted a chance! 

All of the cousins and their boys! Eric has two boys now, Cade and Rylan (middle on Mule). Martin has his son Pierce. And then of course Justin and Mack. Compare this pic to the first one we had of all three of them back in 2010 (and the first one of Pierce and Mack)! 

Family Pics

Great Grandma Schlottach with her 8 grandbabies!!!! She is one super great-grandma! 

On the tail end of our trip, we were able to see the Brandt clan! Of course, we rode Grandpa's toys again! 

We got some corn ready and ate it up! 

More great family pics (you know what pictures will be on your Christmas calendar :)


I think some of the kids favorite time with Grandpa and Mema was the time spent playing outside together. Macklin found a turtle that he was excited to show everyone. Then Justin found an unused tent in the basement that Don had won at an auction. So the boys set it up and they enjoyed playing in it. Macy loved the old wagon! Macklin also got to battle with Mema and play hide and seek! These are the moments that our kids remember and long for when they are missing you! Thank you for taking time with our kids and always making us feel at home! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Post Camp Life

These are some of the friends that have grabbed our hearts this summer at YL camp. We had a post-camp picnic at 4 Eagle Ranch last Wednesday. Each kid was able to share their favorite part of their week. This is only about 50 of the 95 that came with us. 

The Bible says that our mission as followers of Jesus is to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations." (Matthew 28:19a) We feel that God has called us to make disciples within the students at Eagle Valley High School. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I want to be closer friends with people my own age. Sometimes I feel out of place and weird. Sometimes I want to be selfish and keep my husband to myself. And sometimes I just want a life that is not as busy (who lives like that anyway?). But then, I remember what my mission is right tell high school friends about Jesus and love the people in my life like Jesus does to the best of my ability. God is so good. He gives us rest and rejuvenation in hard times. He shows us the eternal value of things in our live. I want to know that when I meet Jesus face to face, that I loved every person that came across my path as well as I could. I want to make a difference in the hearts of my high school friends, even if it means missing what most 30 year-olds would call "normal life". God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. We are so blessed by each of the friends in these pictures and are beyond blessed to do what we do. 

 Campaigners is the bible study that we do once a week for our high school friends at our house. The week after camp (last week) I like to call Campaigner Crazy Week. We do a bible study every night M-F (except the picnic night) so that our friends can get a taste of what it feels like to read the Bible every day. We give them time to read on their own and discuss it. It is kinda like an extension of cabin time from camp. We had about 50 kids from EVHS and we had over 20 kids every night! This was one of our biggest nights at around 30 (didn't get all of the kids). Praise God for these tender hearts that are ready to soak up as much as they can. 

Then there are these sweet ladies. These ladies will be our seniors in YL this fall. We had coffee this week to talk about what YL could look like for their senior year. We asked questions like "How do you reach outside of your group of friends to love others?" and "What legacy will you leave behind at EVHS?" They are going to be a joy to walk with this year. 

Six Flags

We headed to Six Flags in St. Louis for our first amusement park outing with our kiddos. It was actually way more enjoyable than I was expecting! Six Flags feels a bit different with a 1-year-old and 3-year-old, but they did quite well if I do say so myself! 

It was great cousin time with Ally and Olivia! 

Macklin rode quite a few rides, some big and small little. 


Macy enjoyed the water fountains! 

We snapped some family pictures. 

And we even ended with a picnic in the parking lot, like old times!