Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Videos of Mack

Found these two videos of my boy that had not yet been shared! They would have been good to watch right before Christmas when you were anxious to see them. Don't worry. They are both still cute. :)

Macklin being silly before bed. 

Macklin's future profession? He sets them all up himself. Pretty impressive. 

Christmas Recap: Spragues

So many adventures with the Sprague family during our time in St. Louis. Here is a picture documentary of them all :)

Braggin Rights Game
Other than the Illini winning in the final minutes, it was a great tradition that continued yet again. Maybe Macklin will have enough attention to attend next year! We ended the night with some STL's famous Cecil Whittaker's deliciousness. 
Kevin did miss this game for a special reason (find here). 



Christmas Morning 
There is something so fun and special about Christmas morning at my parents. Not sure if it is because of all of my childhood memories of waiting in the hall to run out and see if Santa came. Or if it is because of how talented my parents are at gift giving and the amount of presents for our growing family. Or maybe the way the house smells with breakfast being cooked as we arrive. Or maybe just the hugs of my sweet mom and dad. No matter what it is, I look forward to walking into my parents house for Christmas morning, pretty much all year (No pressure, mom and dad. If you ever want to change things, I will survive. I promise.)!

The kids opened their stockings while we awaited the rest of the clan. Macy snuck in a morning nap, but got a little behind in her stash. We really enjoyed our morning with the Sprague family as we exchanged more gifts and spoiled each other. I love when my family opens gifts that we gave them...I get so excited because it is so enjoyable to pick out something that you know they will like. 

Big Gifts - Bike rack for Justin and a bike for Macklin! 


Alex found the pickle! 

Outside testing the new helicopter.

Just Hanging Out
Time at John's House

Checking out John's Office

Pool Playdate at Lifetime

Practicing on the Bike

Playing at Mimi & Papa's House

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Macy's Sleeping Habits

I probably don't have to do a lot to explain these pictures, especially not to a fellow parent. 

This past week, Macy learned how to take her PJs off after being put to bed. The first few nights, we found her with one arm out of her top (not pictured). Then, like clockwork, it progressed each night to what you see above. After the middle picture, I said, "As long as she doesn't figure out how to take her diaper off, we are good." After our date night, we found her at the final stage (note: she tried to put her PJs back on, ending up with two legs in one side and kinda stuck in her shorts). Thank goodness there was no mess in the bed, just a cute bare bum. As if this is not funny enough in and of itself, she puts her PJs on her changing table, as if she knows where they go. She is such a cutie, but this may get messy at some point! 

Adventures of the Week

Dinner with two other couples that do high school ministry with EVHS kids. 
These relationships have been super encouraging to us. Six years ago, the options for EVHS kids to learn about Jesus were a bit slim. Now we have YL, FCA, and Calvary that are all rocking! Praise God! 

Nordic Ski Adventures at Eagle Ranch Golf Course

Daniel and Justin got to go skinning twice this week and Macklin and I got to ski two days!

This little lady gets cuter everyday! 

Gypsum at Night
Late night snowshoe for date night! 

Happy 29th to Alana! 
We enjoyed lunch together to celebrate!

Macklin says he is driving to see Luca :)

Christmas Recap: Brandts & Schlottachs

Hanging Out with Grandpa and Mema
My new favorite family pic! 

Playing in the back "yard". Macklin could have explored forever! 

Loving time with Grandpa and Mema! 

Mema snuggle time! 

Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Mema

So many fun things to play with! 

Brandt Christmas
Pretty good self portrait of the family :)

Uncle Jim's sweatshirt is for sure a favorite of mine. 

Great picture of Justin and his dad! 

The Tough Crew

This one is awesome! Grandpa, unfortunately, got cut out. But, seriously, how is the Cabbage Patch Kid floating above my head?

Family Group Photos


Schlottach Christmas at the White Mule Winery 

So many great-grandbabies :) and some were missing some too (Macy napped almost all the way through this family gathering. Sad.) 

Uncle Kenny was gifted the infamous bottle of wine (eh...not sure exactly what to call it these days).