Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Slideshow

Check them out here...

Also, Melissa made a post on her blog of the highlights :)

Thank you Melissa!

More to come.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Updates!

We have some big news....

Macklin is WALKING!!!!
and Mack has his 5th tooth!

Pics and videos to come.

The birthday party went great yesterday also. Tons of pics to come from that one...
just need to recover a bit first!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Party Countdown

In 12 hours we will be setting up for Macklin's first birthday party!!!!!!!

Can't wait for it!

Post details and pics soon!

Now it's time to rest!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mimi and Papa Are Coming!

In about 27 hours, Mimi and Papa will arrive to spend 5 days with little Mack!

He is excited, he told me :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cruising Outside

Another nice day here in Gypsum! After my nice long run (while Macklin was snoozing, thank you to my wonderful hubby) to scout some new trails, I took Macklin outside to get his legs moving. He has taken two steps in a row, but he must be waiting for Mimi and Papa to really cruise. I took his walker outside today to give him a little more room to move.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing with Mommy

I love playing with Macklin when I get home from practice. He is super entergetic and loves to have all your focus on him! Here we were playing with my new Buff-like headband that I won at a snowshoe event. Just playing!

PS - He has managed to put two steps together without falling :) Keep ya posted.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pool Time?

The afternoons have been so nice that we have been going to the park almost every day!
On Monday we tried to go to the pool with the Riskeys and VanWkys but we didn't bother to look at the times that the pool was open...
thus resulting in us showing up 10 minutes before it closed :(

Park time instead! And no one complained!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whole Milk

I haven't been giving many "milestone" updates lately, but I thought I would clue the grandparents onto this one...we are starting Macklin on whole milk. I checked with my pediatrician and she said it was OK to start a little early. The night feeding (we were nursing three times a day) is getting a little tough with track lasting until 6:30pm. So we have tried twice to have him drink a sippy cup of whole milk at night. He is not that into it yet, but I think it will take a little bit. We will keep you posted on how it is going. Hopefully I can keep up the morning and noon time nursing sessions for a while longer. It has gone by so fast!

Mack's First Picnic

I had already packed a lunch for Macklin for plans that eventually were I thought I would take it to the park and we would eat there! He didn't eat his normal amount because he was so distracted but it was well worth it! 60 degrees and sunny = A-mazing! I didn't think I was looking forward to spring so much, but now I am!

Riding in the stroller like a big kid!
And...he finally let me put his Mizzou hat on him!
I love it and it kept the nice sun off his bald head!

Feeding Bax...

Eating his PBJ :)

1 Year Pics

We went over to Cara Leonards to do a mini session of Macklin for his one-year pics (I know, he has still got a month or so before he gets there). Here are some of the pics.

Cara is an amazing photographer and a good friend. I would highly recommend her for any photos that need done (family, wedding, seniors, kids). She is the best!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mack and Bax

Each day Macklin seems to play with Baxter more and more. And we seem to find that the boundaries we tried to start are quickly disappearing. Bax is so good with Macklin and 95% of the time he is very aware. We still have to watch for the super excited state when Baxter doesn't take notice of anything!

Here is how I found Mack and Bax the other day while I was cooking in the kitchen. Macklin loves to take all the shoes out of our shoe bench and make a pile on the floor. Baxter wanted to play too! My mischievous little boys!

"Can I take Bax for a walk?"

EVHS Events

EVHS Dodgeball Tournament
I was pumped to play this year after missing last year (due to prenancy).
Highlight of the team beat Justin's team! Woohoo!

Mack chillin' with one of our YL kid Amanda. She is so good with him.

Justin had his basketball banquet last week. He always does such a nice job celebrating the boys as young men, not just as players. Here he is with his team.

Eating Blueberries

First day with with blueberries!

Cute Cell Phone Pics

Just some that I took off my phone this week.

And the Winner is....ME!

Last Sunday I had my final snowshoe race of the series (3 total). I had gotten third in my first two races and thought I was set for #3 overall (which is fine...but I wanted 2nd!). Saturday night before the race, Justin noticed that the paper said the series winners were based on total time (which I did not know), thus meaning I still had a chance to get 2nd!!!

I was nervous all night and the whole next morning during church. I got to the race read to roll. Since I was busy with Mack and getting ready for church, I never had a chance to see how far behind I was in the overall time, but I thought it was like a minute or so. I just knew that I for sure had to get 2nd and I had to beat the girl by a lot in order to get 2nd in the series. I just went out there and gave it my best!

Going into the first powederfield (single track snowshoeing where you blaze your own tracks) at about a mile into the 5k, I noticed that she was falling off a bit. As soon as we got back on a trail, I made the pass and she never caught back up! It was a combo of me being on and her having an off day. So, when I crossed the finish line I was pumped to not see her yet. She ended up 33 seconds behind. I was proud of myself but was convinced that it wasn't enough to get the win.

I anxiously awaited the awards ceremony (2.5 hours later) for the announcement. The other girl was convinced that she was 2nd. So, you can imagine her surprise when they said, "3rd place...Vickie (insert last name here)." She told them they were wrong and they said they would talk later. She protested and had them recount. But when I got home, I realized that they were right. I had lost by 13 seconds in the first race and 14 seconds in the second race...27 total second. My win on Sunday by 33 seconds put me over the top! I got second by 6 seconds over three races! It was pretty awesome! The major part, in case you didn't know, is that I won $1000 (instead of the 3rd place of $500)!!!!!! I am still excited.

What will I do with that money you may ask? Buy a new battery and power cord for my MacBook and a new pair of mittens! We are also going to get tickets to come to STL for John's wedding in May. Then....hopefuly save the rest (even though Justin said I already spent it on Mack's upcoming party :)

With my friend Rachel that wins the 10ks.

With my runner girls on the way down the lift.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kevin's Visit

We had a super fun time when Kevin came to visit a couple of weeks ago. He just came to hang but we managed to fit some adventures in as well!

We went snowshoeing in Aspen (a little shorter than we had hoped....welcome to our slowness).

Then we went to the state nordic ski meet in Aspen so I could see some of my runners!
They did awesome! Here is me with Nikki (one of my runners who went to state in XC!).

On the way home we stopped at a natural hot springs...Macklin's first...he loved it!
This is in the car after getting out.

We all went skiing one day while some friends watched Macklin.
Then Kevin and I got out the next day while Justin stayed home with Macklin.
I was proud of myself for getting in two FULL days of tele skiing (that is a lot for us locals).

Kevin tried to cut his hair before he came....He was definitely rocking the mullet.
So we changed that mullet to a mohawk...
And then to totally shaved!

Mack reading with Uncle Kevin.
(This pic is blurry but still cute! Mack has his tongue out...he doesn't have huge lips)

We just chilled out on Monday and Tuesday and Kevin witnessed my stay-at-home mom life.
I think he enjoyed it because every time Mack napped, so did Kevin!
We took off for a day at the park before dropping Kev off at the airport.
I put Mack in his little suit top because Kevin thought it was snazzy!
Perfect attire for the park...right?

Videos of Macklin

I am getting caught up on my life here in these days....Just wanted to post a few new things of our precious boy. He really likes to play on the ottoman. Good thing he can't climb up on it yet, but it is pretty fun to play around on it.

Also, he is cruising on his walker now! Kevin even taught him to go backwards with it so he doesn't get so mad when he gets stopped when he runs into things.

More pics to come and adventures to share about.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day at the Park

Macklin and I had a fun mini trip to the park this afternoon (it was 55!!!). He is getting more and more fun to take there as he is exploring different things all the time! Mack will be 11 months old tomorrow and time has flown!

Why, hello there! Mack is sneaking a peak at Baxter

Happy boy!

Seriously watching the construction workers who are building our new library!

My big boy is all tired! Time to go!