Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maternity Pictures

Two years ago, here I was, looking as excited as ever to be bringing a new baby into the world...Little did I know what we were in for! All in all, the best thing ever....but a life changer just the same!

Now, on baby #2, we had to document it all just the same. We were so excited about these pictures that Ben did for us a few weeks ago. I already shared the link to his stuff here, but I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures! OK, maybe a lot of favorites :)

You know what I did notice after the fact....Baxter did not make the cut for the photo shoot this year. Poor little guy. He is getting the shaft over and over again. He was our little baby for about 10 months before Macklin arrived. It has been downhill ever since ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alana's Shower

So many babies coming our way in the Vail Valley this spring and summer. Out of a bible study of five girls, four of us will have new babies in the next four months! I am clearly due soon, Sabrina in May, Alana in June and then Bergon in August. Craziness!

Natalie and Jess did a great job hosting this shower for Alana last Saturday. I just love baby showers! They are so fun to celebrate the lady of the day and see what the hosts have planned. The food was great and the games were fun too! Good work ladies and congrats to Alana! Now...good luck finding a place to put all of these goodies!

So many gifts!

A new favorite shower game....."Break the Water"
Everyone at the party gets a baby inside an ice cube. When your baby is ice-free, your water broke! Very cute but also weird to have a baby in your cup :)

Alana loving EVERYTHING!

Diaper Cake!

Cute game prizes and favors (Be Good To People cups)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Nook = Complete!

Here in our normal 'ol bathroom lies a secret...

...behind the shower curtain is my future daughter's bedroom!

The baby nook is officially complete! I got the curtain cut and hung, the baskets are in, and the clothes are stashed...even the diapers are ready! I think our baby nook is going to work out great. Now to see if that actually will be true! I just hope Baby Cheese is as good of a sleeper as Macklin was!

Only question....where to put the rocking chair so I can nurse without waking up my sweet husband?

Birthday Party Pics

As we approach Macklin's real birthday (on April 3rd), I thought I would post a few more pics from his birthday party. Our friend Ben was kind enough to take some during the party for us.

We seriously had so much fun at the party and I still can't believe how easy everything was. I guess when we have multiple kids and a thinning budget, we can't have super duper parties every year for every kid...but for now it is awesome!

Brandt Family Favorites

More Great Family Shots

Confused about the fact that everyone was looking at him and singing to him!

Macklin Playing Around

Our Friends at Play
(my favorite being this first one of Scott letting his 18-month old hold on to the bar by herself!)

Time to Stuff Our Face Pics