Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Happenings

First Fruit-Roll-Up…I think she likes it! 

Cuite Macy

Fall Colors are AMAZING! 

Goodbye Subi, you have been good to us (well, not really, but I still liked you). 

Snacks on the Swings 

Parachute in Story Time? YES! 

Day Hike in Carbondale

Bike Rides Around Gypsum 

Cooking from the Highlights Magazine 

Getting Ready for Halloween

Besties with Baxter 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Boys Weekend in Missouri

Justin took Macklin off to Missouri for a boys weekend to see Justin's cousins wedding. I loved getting updates from them along the way! 

They did make it to the wedding and looked quite handsome! Congrats to Amanda!!! 

We ended up meeting them in Denver when they were headed home. We made the kids first trip to Chuck E Cheese's. They had a blast, although the pizza is not nearly as good as I remember. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Injuries and Allergies

Warning - Two sad pictures below! 

Melinda's Eye Injury
While helping an athlete during practice, I accidentally snapped a stretching band (Thera Band, the one with the plastic handle) in my eye. When I say in my eye, I really mean, in my eye ball. After the crazy amount of blunt force trama to my left eye, it didn't even give me a black eye - because literally all of damage was straight to my eye ball! It was so painful! I fell right to the floor and my whole body starting shaking because it was in so much pain. After the swelling went down, I saw the doctor the next morning. Long story short, I have a choridal rupture which means the back of my eye split open. I had quite a bit of blood in my eye as well. Praise God that my injury will not cause permanent eye/sight damage and I just have to give it time to heal on it's own. No running for two weeks though to let the blood settle…that is the worst part now that the pain is gone! 

Macklin's Allergic Reaction
Another long story short, Macklin reacted to something (of which we are not totally sure about yet) that caused a two day allergic reaction. This is the poor pic that I took after picking him up early from school on the second day when the Benedryll wore off. He is now better and hasn't had any trouble since. Just gotta watch and see if anything else causes him to react. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Girls Weekend

While the boys were off in Missouri this weekend, Macy and I had some fun of our own! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

EVXCI & Papa's Visit

We had some great weather for my home meet last weekend. But, better than weather (and after hosting in the rain, that is a big deal), MY DAD CAME TO MY MEET! He has been my biggest fan throughout my running career - driving a dozen hours just to watch my 20 minute race. But having him at my home meet was a great experience. He got to see me in race director mode, my team race, me coach, and actually race the course himself! It was such an honor to have him out in Gypsum for this experience. 

Dad won his age group! 

Macklin decided to do the Kids 1K race this year, instead of the Fun K (about 300 feet). Mack and his buddy Briggs did a great job, with Papa and Briggs' dad in tow, they raced around the over half mile course! I was one proud momma! Macy, on the other hand, is not pictured since she cried through the whole Fun K :(

The kids were so excited to host Papa! Thanks for coming! Not sure how I would have made it through this weekend without you! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rifle Falls Camping Trip

Rifle Falls State Park was such a gem! It is times like this that I wonder why I have not traveled to this cool place previously. It was a great little hike around the falls. After setting up camp near the reservoir, we were able to ride bikes, make dinner, and explore a bit. In the morning we checked out the fish in the reservoir before packing up and making a church service in Glenwood with a friend. What a great little weekend trip! We will for sure have to do that one again. 




Camping Birthday Party

Macklin's buddy Trevan had a fun camping-themed birthday party last weekend. The party involved a scavenger hunt hike through the woods, complete with hiking maps, goodies along the way, and lead them to the campfire in their backyard! It was a well-planned and executed celebration! 

The cupcakes and big cake were Macklin's favorite part of the afternoon. Mack and Trev were eyeing up which piece to eat first! 

Quite the awesome backyard for a campout party!