Monday, January 31, 2011

Sun Night & Monday

On our way home from Chicago, we made a brief stop (only to fed Macklin and stretch...but turned into a nice visit) to see my cousin Jenn in Bloomington. I would have loved to have seen other friends in B-ton, but it just wasn't going to happen on this trip. But seeing Jenn and her husband Chris was just what I needed to get me through driving the rest of the way! They are just so fun to be around and chat with. I totally wish we lived closer to them as I know I would love to hang out with them more! Thanks for the delicious pizza and for making yourselves available for us to visit!

Jenn had her I-Phone reading a story to Macklin and he loved it!

Today, mom and I went shopping at Chesterfield Mall and Macklin was extra snuggly (well, I guess I should just say that he was snuggly, as that is above average!).

Tonight I got to go visit Jarett, Jaime, and Luca (Mack's BFF) Olivastro.
They are the best.....enough said!

Carmen's Baby Shower

Last weekend I was able to drive up to Chicago to see my college buddies for a very short trip. Katie and Beth hosted a sweet little shower for Carmen and planned in while I was going to be in St. Louis. It is so funny how you can get together with friends and feel like you were just hanging out with them a few weeks ago! I love my college friends like crazy and it was a blast to be with them again. Good conversations, good catching up, good hugs, good baby gifts....just one darn good trip! Thank you to Katie and Mike for hosting us and thanks for still being my friend after Macklin didn't sleep much! You guys are the best and I already am counting the days until I get to see you all again!

Mike and Macklin playing ball

Tracy and her little buddy!

Macklin playing in Millie's cage

Carmen with her flannel shirt for her boy and two of her buddies sporting the flannel shirts as well!

The old roomies being goofy!

The whole party! It was a great group!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Macklin hung out with his Papa today while mom and I went to have a day at the Wellbridge Spa! My mom scheduled us for massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures! It was amazing. I am so grateful that my mom enjoys these things enough for her to book a session for both of us! I love the massages and I wish I could get manis and pedis every week, but the facial wasn't as special as I thought. I think I will pass on that in the future.

Doesn't it look so cozy!?

Post massage and facial, neck soothing wraps on, getting our pedis.

Me talking to my new Russian friend! I told me that I should take better care of my dry skin or I will start to age soon. Ahh!

Kevin showing potential parental abilities :)

For dinner tonight we met John, Ally, and Liv (Jackie, we missed you!) for dinner!
It is crazy to go to out to dinner with three kids!

Isn't Liv just the cutest?

Ally was really good at stuffing Macklin's mouth with everything!

John sporting Mack's little hat!

The gang...notice Ally's little head in the background!

Another fun day with the Spragues...
but I can't wait to see my IWU buddies tomorrow in Chicago!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

Today my mom, Justin's mom, and I took Macklin to the amazingly free (yes, seriously, FREE! don't miss a chance to go there if you are passing through) St. Louis Zoo. I don't go very often, but when I do go, I am reminded of how totally awesome it is. Although the Flight Cage for the birds was made for the 1904 World's Fair, the zoo originated 100 years ago (this year is the Zootennial ;). It is on 90 acres and is so nice to be in (all I could think of is how I wanted to plan cool cross country workouts where we would run through it!). Since today was a chilly day in the middle of winter, it was like we had our own private tour of the zoo because no one was there! We did our best to keep Mack awake (although he really wanted to take a nap, I know...against everything I preach as a mom...oh was worth it) to see a handful of different exhibits. It was seriously so fun.

We started with the penguin house. Mack is still a little sleepy here and didn't know what to think of these little guys.

When we got to the second part of the house, the puffins, he started to wake up when they splashed him! I love this place because you are so close to the animals!

The classic Ape statue.

OK, serious highlight of the day! We went in the ape house and this orangutang totally loved Macklin. She spotted us while she was in the middle of her area and came over to him. It was like she wanted to care for him or something.

We moved a few feet over to see if she would follow and she did! She wanted to be super close to Macklin! He thought it was pretty darn cool!

The bird house and a little horned bird in the background!

Looking up at....(you get one guess).....
The new baby giraff! He was so cute!

What we didn't get to see....
The little baby black rhino is still too small to be on display.

People said the snow leopard was out but we couldn't see this little one anywhere either.

When we got back to the house (after stopping by Katie Berger's house to say hi) we were able to visit with Mrs. Zuke and just relax. When Mrs. Zuke was leaving, I told Macklin to say bye-bye and he just waved his whole arm! That is totally new as he has given two hand-only tiny waves in his short little life. I was so excited and he totally kept doing it! I am a proud son can wave!

Two official firsts for Macklin today....first trip to the zoo...first real wave!
Good day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Routine

So, it is official. Macklin is on a new routine. I think it is going well so far, so we will have to see how it fares during our time in STL.

Old Routine
7am wake up and nurse
8:30am nap
10:45am nurse and solids
12:30pm nap
2:30pm nurse and solids
4pm nap
6:15pm nurse and solids
8pm bed
Summary -- 3 naps, 4 nursing sessions, 3 solid food meals

New Routine
7am wake up, nurse and eat solids (sometimes more like 6:30am)
9-11am nap
noon nurse and eat solids
2-4pm nap
5pm nurse and solids
7:30 bed time (which might get earlier, still playing with this timing)
Summary -- more awake time, 2 naps, 3 meals with nursing and solids

I am excited to see if it is good for him, but he has taken it in stride and I think is actually sleeping more during the day with two 2-hour naps as opposed to fighting to get in 3 different naps. Still a work in process.

Successful Travel Day

I can't believe how WELL today went! Our prayers were answered (thanks to all who prayed for my day today)! Seriously, Macklin was a perfect little traveler. I will say that it did help that we had rows to ourselves on both flights (Eagle-Denver and Denver-St Louis). I nursed him, fed him solids, then we played and he did just great! I strapped him into the seat belt when I was feeding him so he would sit still. I don't think he annoyed any other passengers and he didn't cry at all! Amazing! I think he will be a bit tired tomorrow, but we can handle that when it comes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Macklin got some exercise this morning by crawling loops around our curtains to say hi to Baxter who was sitting on the deck. He was so cute!

New Dog Leash

Seems lame, I know, but it is a big step for us to get a new dog leash! We had this red/orange leash since we got Baxter. It was his first leash and it ate threw it about 5 times. Each time, we repaired it, tied it in knots, used duck tape, etc. After the 5th time he crew through it, I totally overhauled it! I put a long piece of orange climbing webbing that we had to connect the handle (perfect for clipping around your waist during a run or tying Bax to a pole at the grocery) to the clip for the collar. It took a lot of work to do that and I broke two needles on the sewing machine in the process! I was determined to keep it going. Well, it finally bit the dust when we smashed it in the tailgate of our truck and broke the handle clip - my favorite part. Now we have a brand new one and we will pray that Baxter's days of chewing the leash are over. Such a fresh clean start!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Packing Up

...and coming home soon! Macklin and I are going to make a little trip to St. Louis starting on Wednesday. It was be a refreshing time to spend with family and to go to a baby shower in Chicago. I am trying not to plan anything other than those two things so please don't feel hurt if we don't make it your way. Trips to St.Louis are always so rushed and full. After Christmas I just wanted a time to just BE with my family. So, this is my chance and I can't wait (other than missing Justin). much can I get done in the next 32 hours before going to the airport? First thing on my list...go to bed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mack's First Birthday Party

Today Macklin went to his first birthday party for a friend! Wyatt (top, middle) turned one today and we got to celebrate! We do a once-a-month play group with Wyatt and his mommy and other a couple other moms and baby boys (including Braden, top left). It was fun to attend and I was taking notes on how to do a first birthday (yes, I am thinking 3 months in advance!). I like how she kept things simple and the number of kids was perfect (there was one more family with two little boys there that left before this pic was taken). Things for me to consider!
Happy Birthday to Wyatt!

Friday, January 21, 2011

9 Month Update

A few things you should know about Macklin at 9 months old...
(and maybe some things I forgot since the 6 month update)

Weight: 17 pounds, 6 oz (8%)
Weird, I could have sworn our doc said he was in the 20th percentile.
She said he was doing great. So I will trust that. He does eat a ton!

Length: 28.5 inches (70%, still long and lean)

Head Circumference: 18 inches (60%)

Macklin is still doing awesome sleeping. More times than not, he sleeps from 8pm-7am. Lately he has been waking up earlier and earlier (like 5am/6am ish) and I am not a fan of that. We are working on that by trying to cut out his late afternoon nap in hopes that he sleeps all the way to 7am. Also, we are going to try to put him down a little earlier (like 7:30pm) to try that too. But, night sleeping is awesome! One other thing, he started doing when we got back from STL, he cries every time we put him down for bed. He is good at calming himself and I can't think of a time that we had to go back in to put him down (at night time), so we just let him do his thing. Normally the crying lasts 5-30 minutes.

Currently on the change. We were doing 3 naps a day (8:30am, 12:15pm, and 4pm) but are now going to try going to two longer ones around 9am and 1/2ish. This is only day 3 of my efforts, but I think we will be making the switch. He was hardly taking all three naps a day and the whole waking up super early thing is crazy. So, I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Mack is a champ at eating! He likes almost everything you give him, although I do think he is getting more picky sometimes. He loves any kind of fruit. Our latest combo was honeydew melon, kiwi, and bananas - it tasted like a smoothie! I would put sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and peas high on his list as well as cheese, goldfish, bread, yogurt, animal crackers, and cheerieos. I am still making most items (minus all the snacks that I just listed) and can even put our dinners in the blender and he eats them! He really likes to eat anything that is on our plate.
He is on a new kick where he likes to feed himself with finger food and will refuse the spoon. So, we just find ways to do that. He also likes to feed the dog by dropping food in a pile. I have to pay attention because he seems to be sneaky! We are starting to do a lot of teaching in the high chair - We do prayer time before we eat and hold hands. We do sign language. I correct behaviors that are not ok. I think it is working so far :)

Mack is EVERYWHERE! As stated previously, he just loves to explore everything. There isn't much that he doesn't like. He loves the Tupperware cabinets in the kitchen. He loves the things in his room and does awesome in the pack-n-play too. We started doing scheduled playpen time that will eventually turn into "quiet, alone room time." He does a great job playing on his own and with me. We do a lot of things with other babies and he likes to watch them play too. He loves to climb over your legs, the table legs, over pillows...everything is an obstacle course for him. Not much to update on the walking front. He is good at moving between couches and such, but no efforts to let go (and I am not sad about that either).

Here is a new category for this month! Macklin is catching onto things more quickly now and it is a ton of fun! He returns high-fives to any high school kid that offers him one. He is so cute when he claps! He responds when I use a stern voice to say "No" to something (mostly the heater, toilet, and random things that he finds on floors). I think he is noticing the sign language, but I also might be dreaming too. He gives me his hands when I ask for them to pray before meals. He likes to turn the pages when you read to him.
I think before I had a baby I thought it took a while for babies to pick up on things...boy was I wrong!

Justin described Macklin as "carefree, optimist, and love milk." Haha. I will elaborate on those....Macklin has continued to be a very happy baby. He loves his food and his rest and thrives on routine. The only time he is unhappy is when we mess that up. He did go through his first sudo-illness with a slight running nose earlier this month. And while that didn't make him happy, he did pretty darn well! I love to see his personality come out more and more each day.

Favorite Things:
Playing with his walker, any kind of ball, his puppy Baxter, getting out of his crib by mom and dad, crawling, eating, pulling up on the furniture, unloading anything

Future Quarterback

Macklin is a future quarterback! So funny to try to guess your kids future, but with these pics, you at least have to mention it :) He loves this little stuffed football that Jack Peak gave to him over Christmas break. It is the perfect size and he will throw it and crawl after it for a while! He is pretty good at throwing already. We guess he is a righty, even after a strong start with the left hand. We had a ton of fun playing with him tonight after dinner. He is so animated these days!

Look at that form!

Tackled by daddy!

Just hanging with his daddy!

Daddy, where were you on this one?
Just kidding, we think this is so funny!
Good to know his head didn't rock the floor, he caught himself!

Our happy boy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why My Computer Has No Space

And here it is folks...why my computer has no space left on it....
I just can't seem to delete cutie pics of my boy! I know, just another obsessed mommy, but seriously. I love how each one shows a little bit different side of his personality.

I took all of these while we were in Glenwood at Justin's game tonight. Mack sat in my lap through the first and second quarter. We crawled for the entire half time break. Then, he played with this bin of balls for the third quarter and with stickers for the fourth quarter. One happy boy and one happy momma that I could watch the game!

my fav