Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sylvan Lake Cabin Trip

Over our mid-winter break from school, we took advantage of time off with daddy and rented a cabin at Sylvan Lake for a night. It was a great break from the norm and the kids really enjoyed it! 

The Cabin
Ours had one large room. 

Daniel and his girls (along with their aunt) came along and they rented one with a separate sleeping room, but making the eating space a little smaller. Both worked great for each family. 


Playing on the Frozen Sylvan Lake 
Another group had shoveled off the ice (for an appeared ice skating rink) so we enjoyed playing on it! 

Nordic Skiing on the Lake 
The whole trip was awesome...except my wipe out! I feel trying to help Macklin with his skis and hit my lower back pretty darn hard. The damage is kinda unknown at this point, but I am for sure not doing anything active until further notice. I still skied with Mack for the rest of the afternoon, but I am still in quite a bit of pain at times. Boo to injuries. 

Finding a Snow Cave! 

Cabin Play Time 


Friday, February 20, 2015

Grandpa's Retirement Party

We hopped on a plane last week and flew out to see Grandpa and Mema for Grandpa's birthday and retirement party! It was a whirlwind of a weekend but totally worth it to be with them for the special celebration! 
Macy was excited for her own seat on the plane! 

Family Time 

The Speeches 
Justin gave a wonderful speech on his dad in front of many friends and family members. He did a great job honoring Don and used character words to describe his dad as 
It was a fun afternoon, seeing all of the people that have come into Don's life in one way or another and honoring his career in banking. Emma did a great job in setting up the event at the White Mule Winery and inviting a slew of guests! 

Macy gave Grandpa huge hugs! 

Don's brother, Jim, also had some kind words to share about Don. 


Kathy's brother Charlie also shared about Don. 

More Pictures of Guests for Grandpa to See 

Presents and Sleepover at the White Mule 
(Favorite new picture of Grandpa and Macklin.) 

Missouri got so much snow while we were there! So fun! 

Toasts to Grandpa! 

Macy helping Grandpa open his gifts. 

Here is a typical picture of my kids to leave on...Macklin shooting something, Macy with her Taggie and fingers in her mouth...just saying.