Saturday, May 30, 2015

Big Sister Macy

Macy has been a great big sister to Molly! 
Any time she cries, Macy runs to get her paci (even though Molly doesn't even really like it). 
Macy has helped with diapers also. 
Her favorite job is definitely picking out Molly's clothes for the day. My own little fashionista! 
Macy just wants to smother her with all kinda of sister-ly love! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Track State

We had a great time at state with our track team. Instead of driving the short bus this year, I went down on two separate days. It is always a blast to watch kids perform on the big stage! All of the little "issues" of the season seem to fad away and I am able to just celebrate the students and their accomplishments. Congrats to a job well done, Devils! 

Good looking coaching staff sporting our new coaching gear as we watch some shot put! 

Macklin's Exercise

As a coach, you gotta start them early! 

Justin kidding, really though...

Macklin had just ridden his bike around "Jules Loop" (2.5 miles...for the first time I may add) and ran into the back yard upon getting home. After seeing me do some core/circuit work, Macklin wanted to join in. It was too cute not to turn into a video clip. 

Family Photo Album - by Mack

Macklin made about six different pictures, stapled them together and called it our family photo album - so cute! The top picture is mommy and daddy on their wedding day. The bottom is our whole family of five! Love his drawings! 

End of May Events

Melody's Birthday Party! 

Undies Stuck on the Decor?

We got a Thule box for camping/traveling trips! Woohoo! 
A hitch and a Thule box? Our minivan is set!

Attempting to French braid Macy's tiny hair :) First attempt! 

Molly just hanging out and getting big! 

Puddle Jumping & Cold Macy 

New Goodies from Grandpa and Mema! 

Lazy Sundays

Macklin's first real barber shop haircut. He enjoyed it! 

Getting a new frame ready for Molly! 

Our newest fairy. 

"Your wings are in the way of my lunch, Macy." -Brother troubles

Connecting with my good friend Rachael and her new baby Aurora! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Early May Happenings

Macklin's HAPPY tattoo left a mark! 

Macklin and his buddy JP enjoying the new dress up clothes at the library! 

Macy makes dessert! 

Molly meets a dear friend Kiah! 

Mother's Day Tea at MLVP
Macklin's class hosted a Mother's Day Tea for us! It was so cute. They sang a few songs, presented us with special (student illustrated) cookie cookbooks, and we enjoyed lemonade and cookies. So special! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Molly at 1 Month

Our sweetie pea is a month old now! We are going to take pics of her in the rocking chair each month to track her growth! So much more alert now and is still a happy girl! 

A few notes on her life...
Eating - 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm (all relative), 2am 
Sleeping - Napping between each feeding. One night time feeding. Falls asleep any time she is in her carseat, Bjorn, or stroller. 
Playing - Enjoys a small amount of time on her tummy. Starting to watch big brother and sister. Likes her play mat and mobile. 
Temperament - Very easy to figure out what is going on with her. She cries if her diaper is dirty/wet, if she needs to eat or burp, or is tired. We have only had about a half a dozen outburst that were unexplainable...I will take that! 

Top left pic is Molly with a new friend Teddy. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Molly's First Bottle

At just over a month old, Molly took her first bottle...from her big sister! Macy enjoyed feeding Molly and felt so helpful! 

I do have to share one conversation that took place after this feeding. My kids have been very curious about the breastfeeding process and I have been very honest with them. Hence the conversation...

Macy (running down the hall): Macklin, I got baby milk! Look at my baby milk. Do you know where this comes from?
Macklin (playing with Legos and doesn't really care): I don't know. 
Macy: From mommy's chest.
Macklin: From a chest?
Macy: From mommy's chest. 
Macklin: Like a treasure chest?
Macy (hitting her chest): No, Macklin, look! This chest.
Macklin (still doesn't really care): Ok. Macy

Later on...
Macy: Do you know where that baby milk came from Macklin? It's from mommy's chest. 
Macklin: Oh ya, Macy, I know. I just got the word mixed up. I know, mommy's chest. I just got mixed up. 

Glad we are all on the same page now...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scavenger Hunt & Color Fight

While Mimi was in town, we planned a fun little adventure for the kids. Macklin and I were talking about "park-hopping" the week before. So we decided to get some goodies and hide "treasures" in different parks around Gypsum for the kids to dig up. We made six stops, including our finally. 

Green Flag Found!

Red Conquered!

Green, Pink, and Red in the Treasure Box! 

Orange Discovered!

Blue Redeemed! 

 Yellow Snatched Up!

And finally, in our last bags, we put colored powder left over from Mimi's recent Color Run. It was a fun moment watching the kids throw color at each other!


 Baxter even got to play!

Favorite Moment: Macklin chasing Mimi!

Happy kid!