Monday, April 30, 2012

Mimi's Visit (Friday)

Friday was our MOPS play date at the Gypsum Rec Center! It was a great time to hang out with the mommies as our babies played in the gymnastics area and the pool. Since I wasn't quite feeling up for swimming yet, I let Mimi take over in the pool with Macklin. She was such a trooper because the pool was seven degrees colder than normal and Macklin wanted to play the whole hour! The last picture is kinda funny though...they found a heater in the shallow area and Macklin didn't leave that seat until we told him he had to get out! 

We relaxed the rest of the day at home, recovering from our big morning. I think the cold gave Mimi quite the chill as she didn't feel super great the rest of the evening. I went to visit with a friend (was supposed to be bible study but plans got changed) and Justin got some work done around home while Mimi went to bed early. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mimi's Visit (Tues-Thurs)

We have been having a great time with Mimi here! She has been a huge help around the house and with the kids. It will be a reality check when she leaves on Tuesday and all of our visitors are gone :) Mimi has been getting up with Macklin, who has become a 6am riser (what happened to 7am Mack???). That allows Justin to sleep in and me to wake with Macy closer to 7:30am. Mimi has taken Mack to see the diggers, to the park, and, of course, gotten some Macy time. We have been making yummy dinners (including corned beef and cabbage for 11 on our YL night when lots of kids are hanging out...they were impressed) and enjoying chatting all day long! 

Mack wanted to be "wrapped up" like Macy!

Macklin pretending to play the Wii with the high school boys. He looks like a pro!

Mimi and her grandbabies! 

Yard Update

Our friend Daniel had some time this week, so we started thinking about potential yard projects for the summer that we could start working on. What would we try to get done? What are our goals?  

The first summer that we moved into our home, we gutted the whole inside (literally top to bottom) and put it back together. The second summer we (really just Justin) built a fence. The third summer we stained the fence and prepped the yard for the grass that will hopefully come this year. Now, our fourth summer....what will come of it? 

The ultimate goal for the summer is indeed to have grass for the kids to play in. Enough of this dirt filled yard. The only problem do you put the grass in - just throw down seed? Bring in sod? Cover the yard in topsoil and then do seed? One question seems to lead to another. One project leads to another one that must get done before the previous idea. 

Here are some of the things that we would like to consider:
#1 - GRASS!
-Built a "lean-to" shed on the north side of the house for bikes and lawn tools (will open up our deck and our shed without bikes there)
-Possibly cut down a few more trees to give the yard more sunlight
-Get rid of the stump from the epic tree fall in 2010
-Clear out the north side of the house and rock it to make it clean looking
-Put a "dry river bed" type landscaping under the pine trees that will connect the rock to the north side yard and around back by the shed
-Put stepping stones in near the sidewalk because of traffic
-Finish the pavers by the grill 

We will see how much of that gets done! Check out the pics of Macklin working with Justin and Daniel!

Using his own chainsaw

Helping Daddy cut out the stump
(anyone notice what tool Justin is using????)
Daniel got one of three trunks dug out and then they decided to was so epic to remove. 
We have guys coming to dig it out hopefully next week. 

Mimi doing what she likes best!

Little Macy just snoozing away.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working Man

Just one picture to make you smile. More on Mimi's visit soon! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mimi is Here!

Mimi arrived safely today. After a quick bite to eat, we were home to put the kids to bed for their naps. Then I think we didn't move for like 2 hours and just chatted! Love having my mom here! Let the fun begin!

Weekend Events

We have been enjoying the last few days as a family of four. We are figuring out our new family routine and how to work together. Here are a few pics from the weekend. 

Just hanging out. 

Macklin loves bubbles now! Just another fun thing he got for his birthday! 

The construction at the top of our street is so fun for Macklin. He normally asks to see the diggers immediately upon waking up and multiple times a during the day. We take walks and bike rides around the block so we can see them. Lesson we learned yesterday -  don't wait til lunch time to go watch - drivers take lunch breaks too! 

Bath time at the Brandts - two baths at once!
Check out Macy, she was so cozy she fell asleep! 

Macy looking cute in the pumpkin towel (after peeing through a previous one!). 

Cordless! Macy's umbilical cord fell off on Sunday night at 14 days old. 

Saturday afternoon Macklin was invited to his buddy Asher's 4th birthday party. It was a combined birthday with another boy and there were a ton of kids there! It was a superhero theme so all of the kids got capes and masks and got to break down "cities" at the end of the obstacle course! So fun! 


Macklin loving his strawberry milk after a doughnut run with Daniel. 

Macklin showing Macy how the playmat makes noise! 

Some of my new favorite pictures! Macklin has been doing a great job in his big brother role lately! What a sweetheart! 

Such a funny boy! I look over and he is standing over Macy and has found her extra paci. We are trying to keep paci's away from Mack so he is not super into them. But he does enjoy when he finds one. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Macy's 1st Friends

Hello sweet Macy, your first two friends have now arrived! We pray for your future friends daily and I think these two are going to be good ones! We pray that you would have friends that love Jesus and encourage you to do the same. We pray that you would be a light to your future peer groups and that you would lead others to salvation in Christ.
Gosh you are cute, Miss Macy :)

Lindy Brummer arrived on Monday, April 16th. She surprised her parents by being a "she" (they were convinced they were having a boy but were waiting for the surprise) but the Brandts are pumped that our families match. Lindy's big bro is Macklin's good buddy Cayle! Bring on the play dates!

A few days later, last Thursday, April 19th, Josiah Smiley joined the world. So many prayers were answered when he arrived and his momma remained healthy. I love my dear friend Sabrina and was speechless when we visited because I was just so excited for their family. Such a stressful pregnancy that ended very joyfully and non-dramatic. We couldn't be happier for them. Josiah is a flawless little man!

Sand Dunes with Video

Last week we decided to go on a family camping trip! Yes, I know, my daughter was only 8 days old, but you gotta start early right? Justin is on spring break and I always feel lame doing nothing over a spring break that is memorable. Not saying that having our second child isn't memorable, but we needed a little adventure. The definition of adventure is constantly changing in our family, but we are happy with whatever we can get.

Last Tuesday we decided at noon that we were going to take the 4 hour trip down to the sand dunes to show Macklin the "big sandbox." We were in the car by 2pm and on our way. I love trips with my family because that means no worrying about the house and I have them all to myself! What a blessing to get away every once in a while. We stopped for some ice cream on the way and got to the campsites before dark!

Justin and Macklin did a great job setting up camp and we roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows before putting Mack to bed. Last time we went camping, putting Macklin to bed was a tough job. This time, it was a piece of cake! We laid him on top of a sleeping bag and then zipped it up after he fell asleep. We stayed up a bit longer, fed Macy again and then called it a night. Macy slept with me a little bit but mostly in her car seat all bundled up. It was actually a pretty easy nights sleep!

Playing at the dunes the next day was all that we had hoped it would be! Macklin loved it. It was not crowed. The weather was awesome (slightly windy but I think that is normal for that area). He loved the combo of water and sand. Justin took him up in the dunes on the sled while I fed Macy on the beach area. It was just a great overall day. Both kiddos were snoozing before we left the parking lot!