Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot

After a rainy day last week, I decided that I wanted to take the kids for a walk around "downtown" Gypsum and take some pictures! We haven't done professional pictures in a while (a maternity shoot with Ben Dodds and a newborn shoot with Cara Leonard along with our Hawaii Pictures, all in 2012) and I have been leaving my camera at home a lot lately. 

Oh, how I love the bow-tie. He actually wore it to church this morning and I was bummed that I missed a pic of him. Then, when we went to bed for his nap, he asked to sleep in it! So after his nap, we headed out with the bow-tie still on! Macklin is fun to take pictures of if you get him in the right mood. The pictures in front of the Old Gypsum Printer were great. Then he lost interest. As we were walking home, he was throwing rocks into the Gypsum Creek and I just had to snap a few more. His mood rebounded and I started clicking away. I love all of the goofy/serious ones as well since they show different sides of his personality. 


My little peanut is at a hard age to photograph. She is squirmy and won't sit in one place for long. She takes lots of candy corn to bribe her with and her poses are still kinda weird. Hard to ask her to smile, but we still managed some fun pictures! 

Macklin & Macy 
As if Macy wasn't hard enough on her own, add Macklin to the mix and a picture of them together is a hard shot. I still tried hard though :)



What happens when we are done trying to be cute....Puddle splashing and dirty shoes! 

The Out-Takes 
"Mommy, why does Macklin keep choking me?"
Here is what Macy really looks like....
fingers in the mouth, Taggie in hand....and..."More candy!!!!!"

Grandparents - Let me know if any one needs a picture emailed to them :) 

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