Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Bball Skills

Macklin has been working on his basketball skills, just in time for the season! Justin's team had their first scrimmage yesterday (which they played well in) and then came home and played ball with Mack. He has come a long way since he first got the hoop in April! No more boring dunks any more. He is trying to keep up with all the games of PIG that take place in our living room. And, we have even had to raise it up a few notches! Future star in the making ;)

Christmas Tree

I love setting up our Christmas tree! Ever since we put it up Saturday, it has been on constantly while I am home. It just makes my day to look at it! Macklin likes it too! He will point out all of the ornaments on it. He is doing MUCH better than I expected with it. We spent 10 minutes looking at everything yesterday! I think he thinks it is pretty cool!

These are the cute ornaments that my mom sent us! A family of Sock Monkeys!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Time!!!

I had a great day of shopping on Black Friday and almost got everything that I needed! It is so nice to have a jump start on the gift buying. I am so grateful for Don & Kathy for hanging out with Macklin so that I could shop without him :) And, I saved a ton of money by hitting up the outlets on a super savings day! I had to go home and box everything up and now it is ready for wrapping!

20 Week Belly

Just for the grandmas that want to see the shot.....

I am already noticing that baby 2 is getting the shaft already.
I had 8 weeks of pics taken by this point with Macklin's pregnancy.
Oh well, one is better than none!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving with D&K

Don and Kathy have been here since Tuesday and we have had a ton of fun together!

Tuesday night we went to Fiesta Jalisco's Mexican in Eagle. Macklin loves his salsa and queso!

Wednesday we went out to tree hunt and are convinced that we found the best tree yet!

During the days we have gotten to play with Mema and Grandpa doing everything from going to the park, taking baths, shooting hoops, checking out the paper (including sales), reading books, playing with cars, digging in the sandbox, cooking, eating a little, running around a lot, and tons of other things!

Thanksgiving morning Mema and Grandpa took care of Macklin while we got in a little workout and adventure. We (with Daniel and Ryan) skinned up Beaver Creek and skied/boarded our first official run of the season! Baxter looked good in his booties and pack with his new haircut!

For Thanksgiving Dinner, Kathy prepared a delicious meal for us and we definitely enjoyed it in good company! We are so grateful for our friends and family this holiday season!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Today Grandma Kathy officially turns 60!
Woohoo for 60 years of a great life!
Thanks for all that you do for us Kathy!

Kathy and her favorite boys in the whole world!

Biggest Loser - Baxter Edition

Before Pics

Halfway Pic = The Lion

After Pics

Baxter has been in need of a haircut for about a year now :) Seriously, they say that you should groom your dog every 6 weeks, for real???? Who does that? Definitely not us. We do brush him and take care of him, but professional grooming is expensive and not the most convienent. Then, when you don't take your pup for a while, then you give up on the idea that he will not get matted. Well, Baxter was horribly matted and we just accepted the fact.

We did finally break down when we realized how bad winter would be with the snow building up on his matted fur when we played outside. After making the decision that we would have to shave him again (something I vowed never to do again after shaving him near his first birthday), I started trying to decide what we should do.

We always thought we could do it ourselves, but didn't have the proper clippers. We borrowed our friends "as seen on TV" doggie clipper set and that didn't cut a thing on Bax! We took it up a notch to the....sheep sheers! We borrowed it from a friend and it worked great! Check out the video of our efforts. The way the hair peeled back together is kinda gross, but Bax looks pretty good now. Justin is actually more happy with him this time as opposed to the first time because we didn't pay $80 (+ tip) to get it done! We could use some more trimming, it is not perfect. But I think we are just going to let it grow out and not worry about it.

Trying to figure out how to use a sheep sheer.

When we finally got the hang of it...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

STL Science Center

On Monday, before leaving St. Louis, we took a trip to the St. Louis Science Center with our friends the Peaks and Grandma Kathy. The Science Center is one of the many great attractions in STL that is free to explore. They are making more "pay to go here" type exhibits, but there was still plenty to check out. Macklin would get attracted to one item and then get upset if you wanted to move him. He would have been happy playing with the train/bridge table for 2 hours! It was a fun day as we got to have Jack and Macklin play together. Then, we ended the day at Gioia's Deli on the Hill. If you have not eaten here, you are missing out on some delicious hot salami sandwiches!

We are back home now and will enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving break here at home with Justin's Dad and Kathy Schlottach.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sprague Dinner in STL

We had a great dinner with the Spragues yesterday. It was like our pre-Thanksgiving with my family since we will miss them later in the week.

The grandbabies got a work out after dinner!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kathy's 60th

The night was a success! Kathy was so surprised by her party and the fact that we were there!
Check out the video and photos below.

Here is her entrance. She was shocked!

We were hiding in a bedroom for a 2nd surprise.
Kathy said she was saying in her head that "this could only be better if Justin and Melinda were here." But that still didn't help her recognize Macklin when he walked up! She was so shocked she just didn't say anything because she didn't realize it was him until she saw Justin! So funny!

Successful night! Tons of fun friends and family to celebrate her!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby 2 is a GIRL!!!

We found out this morning that our second baby is a girl! How exciting for Macklin to have a little sister in April! Everything looked good in the ultrasound and we are so blessed! I can't wait to see Justin make a little girl feel like a princess everyday!

Her hands look like a small bear paw!

This is the "Its a girl" shot. You can see her thighs too!
Think like you are looking up at her from under her sitting in a chair.
Nothing sticking out = girl!

For most of the ultrasound her hands were up near her face!

My favorite pic! What a miracle! I am in love already!