Monday, June 20, 2011

Discipline Books?

The time has come where we are trying to decide which discipline approah to take with Macklin. He has started a handful of behaviors that we don't care for (saying no to everthing, hitting the dog, and even hitting other kids, namely Harrison) and we wanted to have a game plan. We have read Love and Logic but need others to compare to. Positive Discipline is our next and then probably Parenting is HeartWork. Does any one have others that they recommend?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacation - Day 7

Our final day at the Lake was a hit! We all slept in after a funny night of Scribblish last night. Seriously, if you have not played this game, it is so funny! Definitely going to be a new regular in the Brandt house!

We hit a little pool action this morning and then rented a paddle boards this afternoon. We ended the day with an awesome meal by the Bylers (steak and potatoes and veggies), another volleyball tourney, and then some more Scribblish!

Great vacation with great friends! Can't wait til next year....where will we go???

Luca's mohawk

Action shot of Jarett

My new favorite

Vacation - Day 6

Friday we got to go to the lazy river at the Wilderness Club at Big Cedar Lodge. It was a ton of fun to play around with the kiddos again! We love all of the perks that our condo complex has (this one has shared ownership with ours, hence the use of their pools).

Luca is such a cutie! Paci in at all times, even the pool.

Marshall snapped a surprise pic of us in the lazy river.

Harrison is always having fun.

Macklin just loves the water. This baby pool was really awesome too!

Check out the girl in the background.
Do we know her? No. Is she having fun thought? Probably yes!

Hanging with Mommy.

Baby Clark

The boys and their suits again!

Check out this sweet couple!

I was a creeper and snapped a few pics of them! They made me smile!

After our pool day, we headed out to dinner with the kids dressed in their matching outfits!
We love them! This is the best pic that I got with my camera. They are so handsome.

A not-so-good Brandt family pic

Glad I insisted on taking the matching outfit pic before dinner! Oops Luca!
(Side note, we gotta have one blowout a year. Mack was last year.)

Only one full day left!

Vacation - Day 5

Thursday brought about a girls morning out (with Clark) to the Outlet Mall in Branson. We had a ton of fun and found lots of great deals. We also purchased our annual matching outfits for the boys :) (to be seen later).

Since us girls left, the men and the boys got to hang all morning!
Check out these matching suits.

After getting home, the boys were napping again, so it was game time.
We have found some fun IPad games to play, the favorite being Tower of Madness.
For 3 couples, we have 2 PC laptops, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, 2 IPads, 2 IPhones and 4 Droid phones. Things are a bit techy around here.

We got to cook dinner for the crew again tonight. We had intended to go swimming again, but...

...a storm rolled in!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation - Day 4

Wednesday we rented a pontoon boat to go cruise the lake on. We had a ton of fun! I can't stop talking about how great Table Rock Lake is in terms of water traffic and clarity of the water! What a change from the Lake of the Ozarks. I would be happy to come back to Table Rock any day!

Macklin driving the boat for the first time!

Just cruising!

Everyone had room to relax!

Macklin is seriously a water baby. He loves the water!

The Luca Man eating his lunch!

One happy boy!

We ended the day with Justin doing double duty on feeding dinner to the boys.
Great work babe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation - Day 3

On Tuesday we went to a pool at the nearby Big Cedar Lodge. That place is groomed to perfection! It is really nice. We were happy to be at our little condo and have our pool, but still had fun on our little adventure. Here are a few pics from the day!

Baby Clark

Harrison's new do!

Tired babies

Harrison laughing when his daddy was blowing on his belly!

Splashing with Macklin

The babies!

Relaxing and blowing bubbles

Vaca 2011 - Day 2

Monday was a great first day of our trip! We took a pool trip (the one in our complex) and played some couples volleyball before bed. We are loving our complex and the freedom to do whatever. We enjoy just hanging out and being together. We are cooking mostly in the condo with each couple taking two dinners to prepare for the rest of us. Life seems kinda slow when we are putting one baby down and waiting for the next to wake up. We do seem kinda home bound sometimes but it is good to catch up and take a break from normal life.

We have so many good pics of Mack from this day!

Luca wasn't too sure about this fountain.

V-ball tourney
Just so you know, we were the champs for night 1. Check out Mack cheering for us!