Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Injuries and Allergies

Warning - Two sad pictures below! 

Melinda's Eye Injury
While helping an athlete during practice, I accidentally snapped a stretching band (Thera Band, the one with the plastic handle) in my eye. When I say in my eye, I really mean, in my eye ball. After the crazy amount of blunt force trama to my left eye, it didn't even give me a black eye - because literally all of damage was straight to my eye ball! It was so painful! I fell right to the floor and my whole body starting shaking because it was in so much pain. After the swelling went down, I saw the doctor the next morning. Long story short, I have a choridal rupture which means the back of my eye split open. I had quite a bit of blood in my eye as well. Praise God that my injury will not cause permanent eye/sight damage and I just have to give it time to heal on it's own. No running for two weeks though to let the blood settle…that is the worst part now that the pain is gone! 

Macklin's Allergic Reaction
Another long story short, Macklin reacted to something (of which we are not totally sure about yet) that caused a two day allergic reaction. This is the poor pic that I took after picking him up early from school on the second day when the Benedryll wore off. He is now better and hasn't had any trouble since. Just gotta watch and see if anything else causes him to react. 

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