Sunday, May 26, 2013


We had so much fun playing in the Glenwood Water Park. It is a specific wave that is man made so that it can change with the water level and still be a wave. Daniel and Jason are both owners of riverboards. They were a new toy at the end of last season and they enable you to lay on your tummy and go head first into the waves. You should wear a helmet, fins, shin guards and gloves to ride it and protect yourself from the rocks in the river. The guys are still figuring out how to "ride" the waves but they made a ton of progress today! 

Daniel, Justin, and Jason

Daniel's brother, his girlfriend, and his nephew

We played in the tubes as well, taking Macklin out just below the wave and down under the bridge a bit. The water was COLD! 

 The Water Park. There is a tow rope to help you get into the water and ride it. 
People surf here and stand up paddle too! 

Macy looked on with awe!  

Justin's Tubing Adventure

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