Wednesday, February 6, 2013

YL Sledding

Tonight we had a Young Life event --- Epic Sledding and Bonfire! 
It was a ton of fun as kids were all over the hill and down by the fire. My jug of hot coco worked well (after 52 individual packets were opened). That Costco hill is a big ole thing! 

Doing all of the things that we do with Young Life is, of course, a ton of fun! But it does take a lot of time. Justin and I feel called to love our high school friends right now. We feel like we are just where God wants us. It also feels exhausting. Long nights, lots of cooking and baking, cleaning the house, etc. I would do each of those things 100x over if one of my high school friends has an opportunity to be introduced to a relationship with Jesus. It is worth it that much!

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