Sunday, February 10, 2013

First 10 Days of February

Here are just some fun pics from around the house in the last couple of weeks. 

Macklin is pretty obsessed with his new "basketball clothes." He pretty much gets up and requests to wear them each day. He is a happy guy! 

What Mack's face looks like after he has put on Mommy's eye shadow on his cheeks! 

 Some new snowfall (get excited Papa, Uncle Kevin, and Uncle John). 

Waiting for Daddy to come play after he was out snowboarding in the powder! 

We were left with no babysitter for the EVHS Dodgeball tournament a couple of weeks ago, so the kids came with. Justin got his C-team basketball guys to make a team and I made a team with a bunch of EVHS coaches. I would just like to say that my team placed second and Justin's team didn't quite place. To his defense, we didn't get to play head to head ;) 

MOPS last week was a work out day! I thought it would be all easy, but I was super sore! I think I did like 100 tricep dips and 200 lunges/squats (and then the Mountain Games race was the same night!). I won a Jillian workout video in a drawing too...maybe I should use that. Running is much easier. 

Turning the box into a rocket and hiding as Daddy comes home!  

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