Saturday, April 27, 2013


Over Spring Break, we packed up the family and headed to Moab to meet our good buddies Jake and Kari. We have been friends with the Bangtsons since the first day of work in the Vail Valley back in 2007. We pulled out our slackline during the lunch break at new teacher training and we began to learn of our parallel lives. Kari and Jake are quite adventurous and we love to be around them. We just wish their wasn't 40 miles between our pre-manufactured homes ;)

Moab was great. We try to go once in the fall and once in the spring. Our kids are great car travelers even though I feel like I never get to accomplish anything during road trips anymore. 

We meet Kari and Jake at our campsite on Wednesday afternoon as snow flakes fell from the sky - not exactly what we were hoping for when we drove through the blizzard in Eagle County to get to Utah. Wednesday was a bit cold, but not horrible. I took the kids to the local rec center to swim inside and Justin braved the briskness to ride his new bike for the first time in Moab. (Note: His words...."I felt like I was cheating!" Justin has ridden an old hard tail for the past 6 years that a friends graciously let him use. Now he has his brand new Yeti dual suspension bike that he thoroughly enjoys!) We headed into town for dinner and did a few s'mores on the fire before leaving the cold for the coziness of our sleeping bags. Here was our set up at Moonflower Campsites: 

It was the perfect location for this bunch! The Bangtsons set up on one side of the stream and we were on the hill on the other. We do all four of us in the good ole four man Bass Pro Shop family tent. With Macy in the pack 'n play and Macklin on the climbing crash pad in the corner, the two of us still have plenty of space. We left Baxter with a friend for this trip. This was Macy's third camping trip already - she is one flexible baby! 

The steady stream through the little canyon provided hours of enjoyment for Mack and Macy. AND, lots of dirtiness!

Yes, Macklin does have another bandage on his stitches need this time though. 

We got to enjoy some time by the campfire with our buddies! We cooked on the fire for Thursday night - hot dogs, brats, and s'mores. We also had some veggies and dip....that which Macy didn't smear all over her face! She loved that dip!  

I was able to go for a ride too! I rode with Kari and Jake on Thursday morning and then Justin got to head out in the afternoon. After a chilly Thursday morning, the weather steadily rose from that point on. I rode the Bar-M trails that contain a lot of slick rock, which I like! I am still a horrible mountain biker, well inexperienced and unconfident might be more descriptive words, but I am having more fun with it this year. 

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