Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Happenings

Collection from the month…

Ready for Cardinal Post-Season

Macy in Church Clothes 

Macklin takes advantage of the cozy reading nook, while Macy just runs out of steam! 

Ready for Halloween! 

Field Trip to the Dentist with Pre-School 

Baxter Love

Macy's Busted Head - Almost took her to get stitches, but decided against it. She feel head-first into our outdoor electrical outlet on the front porch while trying to get her bike out. She was such a trooper….now for the scar to head to heal up! 

Silly Macy - Macy is all about the silly faces, and now the silly hair! She wanted to match her Cabbage Patch Doll she is holding. 

Macy's Buddy Kaitlyn

Post-XC Season Flowers = Very Thoughtful! 

My Baking Assistant 

Celebrating Packages from Grandpa! 

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