Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby 3 is a GIRL!!!

We found out this morning that Baby 3 is a GIRL! Macklin's first reaction was a pretty sad one. He face kinda dropped. He was really hoping for a boy. I think now he is over it a bit. We brought blue and pink balloons with us to make it special for the kids. Macklin said, "But I want to keep my blue balloon." I told him that he could and he was a little happier. Macy was pumped. We snapped this pic and used it as our social media announcement. 

Here are a couple of the ultra sound pics. The face is always a bit scary to me - very skeleton like, but that is a good thing. Then the precious profile and girl parts! She was moving around quite a bit so no cute hands or feet this time around. The tech said everything looked great and she was measuring long in the legs (perfect for a distance runner!). We will confirm with my next OB appointment in two weeks. Praise God for this precious life inside of me! 

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