Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eye Update

This is my eye! Most people's eye balls do not have that huge white slash across it. Mine was damaged when I snapped a stretching band in my eye in September. I just had my 8-week check up and my rental specialist said that I am healing nicely. I officially had a chorodial rupture and the white slash is the scar on my eye that is healing. I still have a bit of a blind spot but he said it would heal in the next year as it takes a while to get the blood settled in the back of my eye. I should expect no permanent eye damage, as I am grateful for. If the slash would have been vertically on the right part of the picture, it would have caused permanent vision loss. While this has been a bit of a silly ordeal, I am so thankful for workman's comp insurance and to still have my vision. I am expecting no further check ups unless something changes. 

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