Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grandma's Visit

Grandma came for a visit! It was so awesome to have her here while we went to Polar Bear Weekend with Young Life a couple of weeks back. It is such a service to us and our ministry that we are grateful for. Since she was here for a week, it was nice to have some extra time with her around the weekend. 

Cookies and Milk Together

Reading at Macklin's Preschool
Grandma was able to be a special reader at school while she was here. She read for just over an hour and this was the scene when I got there to pick her up! Macklin said that he stayed by her side for ALL of the books that she read and even asked if she could "have a job" again next time she came for a visit. 

Grandma Watching Frozen for the First Time 

Playing in the Snow at the Park 

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday Early

Other Highlights Include:
So much yummy food made by Grandma
Driving through a snow frosted Glenwood Canyon
Going to our gender-revealing ultrasound together (first pic on the page is from that)

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