Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Time with the Spragues

My heart always feels calm when I am at my childhood home! It is just hard to beat being around your parents, that pamper you and take care of so many things for you - just so you can relax. Our family had a blast with Mimi and Pap this break. We were able to spend a lot of time during the second week of our stay with them. The kids especially love playing in the basement, having Mimi read them stories, and watching movies with Papa. 

Hang Out Time

Even though we missed the game, we can still rock the gear! Go Mizzou! 

Christmas Day
Such a fun morning with many great traditions. 

Who is more excited for Legos...Uncle Kevin or Mack?

Yep, that's my brother. 

She asked for it....and got it! 

Matching gifts! 

I love this picece....and John made it!!!!

Daddy is hard at work! 

Loving the train set! 

Sprague Dinner at Alex and Kevin's House 
This was by far one of our favorite nights of the break as we got to just chill and hang out. 
We went for a walk. 
We played. 
We checked out the new Alex-fied place. 
We ate. 
We decorated cookies. 
We just relaxed and enjoyed each other. 
Total success. Thanks for hosting! 

Kids Playing Chase and Capture 

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