Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Happenings

What have the Brandts been up to this month? 

Sledding behind Costco - Baxter is not the best sledding partner! 

Justin took Macklin up for a full afternoon of skiing last week! He did awesome! They went all the way to the top of Beaver Creek. Then they completed two loops on the Drink of Water lift and skied all the way down. Macklin did a great job and Justin survived on a snowboard sticking close by (we wondered how the snowboard/ski combo would be). I think there will be more "Man Time on the Mountain" for these two. 

I finally grew something! I am really great at killing plants (hence the barely growing bamboo plant on the right). But the Paper Whites from Grandma were awesome! Since this picture, they have bloomed and look beautiful! 

Macklin loves his play time! He would choose to play with toys each day unless I peeled him out of the house to go do things! 

Yummy brownies and ice cream thanks to my sweet friend Emily! 

Picnics outside! We have had a few sunny and 45+ degree days! It feels like spring time! 

We have also been prepping for baby 3. We were given a white crib from a friend to fit our new decor. The crib, along with our dresser (still pending a finish), is making our room feel more like a dorm room. So we still have some work to do. Might try to move the dress into the closet. Then onto the wall decor and accents. We also changed out the fan for a standard ceiling mount light, which does open the room up quite nicely. It's a work in progress. 

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