Thursday, April 16, 2015

Grandma Meets Molly

We were so excited for Molly to meet her Grandma, after whom she is named! Kathy was beaming from ear to ear when we saw her at the airport when Molly was 12 days old....12 days too long for her! We just took a moment in the airport so that she could hold her and stare at her. 

After getting out of the airport, we had a great week of baby snuggles, playing with the big kids, and adventuring around Glenwood and Eagle County together. 

Grandma's Favorite - Walking in the Canyon

Love this picture of Grandma with all of her babies! 

Molly's First Trip to Glenwood Canyon with a Proud Grandma

Ice Cream Stop in Vail Village

The Kleekamp Family Baptismal Gown 

Picnics in the Yard

Macy sporting her new Frozen dress....thank you Brenda!!!!

A Hike in Glenwood

Molly on a quilt made by Great Grandma Kleekamp

Another beautiful afghan that was given to Molly by Grandma's friend. 

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