Monday, August 1, 2011

Yard Update

We took advantage of Young Life kids needing to make money for camp and put them to work in our yard in June! It turned out great for us! We got a look more trees cut down and trimmed (4 more to trim and them we might be done for a while), moved the shed, picked up sticks, cleaned up the south side yard, cleared out some rocks, leveled the yard (paid a mini front loader guy $50 to do actually), and now we are planting grass! I will try to get some pics of the grass soon as it actually is taking.

Shed in the side yard....

Shed now behind the house! It makes our yard so much bigger!
I wish I had a video of all of us moving it! It was an ordeal!

What Mackin found to do while we were working! Baxter is a good babysitter ;)

Since he was already wet, we decided to bust out his new toy from Uncle Kevin! He loved it!

Check it out, this thing rocks!

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