Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teva Games 2011

The Teva Games was a blast this year! I tried to convince lots of kiddos from my team to join me in the Mud Run. I have not been able to do it for the last few years and it always looked so fun. Even though I had a lot of kids interested, only one ended up joining me...the awesome Miss Maggie Gilman!!!! We had so much fun!

Before...looking bright!

After the run, we got 3/4th place!

A little posed extras!

After the bonus round!

Getting rinsed off

We were famous! We made a few publications!
Check this one out...and this one too (scroll down)...and this one...and this one.

Afterwards, Justin and Mack came to join us and Mack enjoyed the fountains in Vail Village.

We also met up with Hayley and Kari after her bike race...

...where she WON the Teva Games!

Fantastic Teva Games

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