Friday, May 29, 2015

End of May Events

Melody's Birthday Party! 

Undies Stuck on the Decor?

We got a Thule box for camping/traveling trips! Woohoo! 
A hitch and a Thule box? Our minivan is set!

Attempting to French braid Macy's tiny hair :) First attempt! 

Molly just hanging out and getting big! 

Puddle Jumping & Cold Macy 

New Goodies from Grandpa and Mema! 

Lazy Sundays

Macklin's first real barber shop haircut. He enjoyed it! 

Getting a new frame ready for Molly! 

Our newest fairy. 

"Your wings are in the way of my lunch, Macy." -Brother troubles

Connecting with my good friend Rachael and her new baby Aurora! 

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