Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vaca 2011 - Day 2

Monday was a great first day of our trip! We took a pool trip (the one in our complex) and played some couples volleyball before bed. We are loving our complex and the freedom to do whatever. We enjoy just hanging out and being together. We are cooking mostly in the condo with each couple taking two dinners to prepare for the rest of us. Life seems kinda slow when we are putting one baby down and waiting for the next to wake up. We do seem kinda home bound sometimes but it is good to catch up and take a break from normal life.

We have so many good pics of Mack from this day!

Luca wasn't too sure about this fountain.

V-ball tourney
Just so you know, we were the champs for night 1. Check out Mack cheering for us!

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