Sunday, June 12, 2011

50 Mile Ride

Macklin went on his second 50-Mile YL Ride last Friday (click here to see the first). It was another great adventure and our boy did AMAZING again. We were a bit worried about all the time he would have to spend in the Chariot. Not only is it a 50-mile ride (from the top of Vail Pass to Eagle). It is a 50-Mile ride with 21 high schoolers, most of whom don't ride bikes, especially not for 50 miles at a time.

I think we set a new record of 5 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish (left at 8:30am) including a lunch break. Our group of kids did awesome and we didn't even have a token "slow kid" or any bike break-downs. Justin, me, Scott (our area-director), and our buddy Jason were the adults on the ride and together the group raised $6035 for summer camp. What a blessing and a great experience for the kids to challenge themselves!

This is at the top of Vail Pass. The bike path is super popular so they had to plow it as there was still a ton of snow on the top of the pass on June 10th!!!! So here they are all standing at the snow banks on the immediate side of the path (for over a mile). We were so glad that they paved it last week just in time for our ride.

Enjoying our lunch break in Edwards.

At the finish in Eagle Town Park!

Macklin celebrating the finish with a popsicle!

It's official!

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