Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rachael's Wedding

Last Saturday we were able to enjoy the wedding of Rachael and Phil Lancaster at our church. Macklin was honored to be the ring bearer and he did a great job! Rach is our first Young Life kid to get married (we have only been doing this for 4 years, but she is a bit young in terms of modern day brides as she just turned 21). The day was wonderful and I think they felt super celebrated! They are enjoying their honeymoon in San Diego right now!

As for Macklin, he did a great job! He looked spiffy in his suit (thank you Grandma Kathy for the suit and to his cousin Pierce for the shoes!). He made it down the aisle on his own! And got dug back up the aisle by the flower girl! We went home to take a nap and then made a good appearance at the wedding reception! I will post some professional pics if I see some good ones from the photographer!

Two ring bearer appearances under the age of two...and both a success!
Macklin might have a career in his future!

Pre-Wedding with Phil and Rach

The Wedding and Reception

Our little Ring Bearer

Gotta take a family pic!

Funny Things....
-Mack was so mad to go to the wedding because I took him away from playing with trains!
-Mack sucking on his victory sucker after making it down the aisle!
-Mack chasing yet another precious little girl!

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