Monday, September 19, 2011

EVXCI 2011

Completing our first Eagle Valley Cross Country Invitational this past weekend brought some sweet accomplishments with it...

First attempt at being a race director of a high school cross country race = check

Successfully firing the starting gun in 2 out of the 3 races = check
(you gotta have a really strong finger to pull that trigger!)

Getting some killer press = check
(above: biggest CO XC site out there and my kids are the front page!)

Made some money for our team = check

Couldn't tell that 185 people ran 3 miles on a 7 different fairways of the town course = check

37 kids out of 46 runners ran a personal best = check

Both the boys (1st) and the girls (2nd) placed as a team = check

Kids felt celebrated and were proud to have a home meet = check

The golf course will host us again next year = BIG check

All the work was worth it!

Now, more time for blogging!

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