Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Days with Macklin

Macklin has been having some great days the last couple of weeks.
We have had two pool play dates with Nick and Cayle.
He has gotten to go to two cross country meets.

We got to play with Karolina and Colby one morning last week and had a blast on our playground! Mack needs to work on his "playing with others skills" as we are a bit untrained lately. MOPS will help that soon.

Mack can climb up and down his playground with no trouble!

Macklin's appetite has come back. He is good to eat most things and is even liking meat again!

"Want a bite of my animal cracker?"

Mack has fun playing in the bathroom while I get dressed in the mornings. He loves showers!

And we play, jump, and wrestle on the bed at least once a day!

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