Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandma Kathy's Visit

Grandma Kathy came for a visit last week and she sure did work hard around here! 

On her first full day here, we took her down the Colorado River tubing! She was such a trooper and even bruised up her foot on a fall out, but kept her spirits high! She is an expert now! 

She had a blast playing with Macklin for 4 days. We went on lots of walks and many trips to the park. 
Macklin loves to be pushed in his little car! 

Macklin is making Grandma keep up! 

Checking out the dying flowers. 

Last Thursday I was able to bring Kathy to a MOPS Pool Party in Eagle. Macklin was very into the other kids and the trampoline and did not want much to be in a picture! 

He did have fun in the pool though (90 degree pool in 65 degree weather!). 

We appreciate Kathy so much and all the things that she did to take care of us while she was here. 
Thank you so much Kathy! 

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