Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EV XC Regionals 2011

Coaching XC this season has been one wild ride! I have learned so much, stressed so much, laughed so much, and cheered so much! If my season would have ended 3 weeks ago, I would have said it was a challenging year with some tough situations. I felt like each day coming home from practice was something new that I didn't know how to deal with. But, I continued to fight, praying more and more for wisdom and guidance on who to run when and who needed talking to. We had injuries and drama and all of the above. But, I would have said that I learned something through all of that and it made me a better coach. Just not as "easy" as years one and two.

Well, the last three weeks have made the fight worth every minute. The kids have really prevailed and showed how bad they want to be here and how hard they want to compete. Our workouts have been tough, injuries have been rested, and it seems as though everything is just coming together. The team is bonding and they are all enjoying the athletic experience. I have such a great group of kids to work with, and it is showing during these final few weeks.

Regionals (our only state qualifying meet) happened last Wednesday and I am happy to say, for the first time ever, that our (boys) team qualified for state! Yes, that is right!!!! Our 7th ranked boys raced themselves to 4th place (out of 11) to earn a bid at state! Our girls preformed super well, placing 6th (while ranked 9th) against some tough competition. You would have thought that we won the meet when they announced that we placed 4th; it was awesome!

So, we will head down to Denver this Saturday to enjoy our first state meet as a team!
Go Devils and congrats to my guys!

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