Thursday, October 13, 2011

STL Visit: Wedding!!!

Tiffany (Justin's cousin) and Zach got married in Chesterfield on October 8th at the Double Tree Hotel. It was a great wedding. ALL of the Kleekamp family was present, which was a huge blessing (and made us even more grateful that we could join the group). They did a great job planning and had lots of fun, unique elements for their big day.

We did get a chance to snap some Christmas pics with Justin's mom before the wedding!
The happy couple cutting their sweet cake made by Aunt Maureen
Kathy and Beth's boys

Proud Grandma with her boys
My bump is showing!
Kathy has been calling this the "Royal Wedding" since summer time. So, she brought hats to play the part and we had a great time wearing them as the couple walked into the reception.
The Kleekamp women and their hats

Macklin keeping busy
Kathy and her sisters enjoying the reception
The Kleekamp Great Grandkids
(Mack, Reznor, Maddison, Luke)

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