Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Growing Up

I have noticed our kids growing up so fast lately! Maybe it is that Macklin is talking up a storm, or that Macy can just relax on your hip. Both are so fun to be around and so full of energy. They provide so much joy to our lives. 

Little Buddies - I love that Macklin enjoys to be around Macy. 


Macy Growing - Just keeps getting bigger! We are now out of 0-3 month clothes and almost out of 3 months clothes. 3-6 month fit her the best right now, which is fun because that means a whole new bag of outfits to play with! When I shared this excitement with Justin the other day, he said, "Well don't you think that is a good thing since she is almost 5 months old!" We have a little peanut on our hands. She is still rocking the XS Bum Genius diapers too!

Here she is swinging at our team dinner last week. My hubby is funny! 

Macklin Growing - Now, he is learning and growing each day! Here are some of the funny things he has said lately....

"Mom, I am faster than the clouds!" (while running home from the park)
"There's a giant in there!" (while pretending to hunt large things in our house...he is a great pretend player)

"I have a mustache. Mom, you want a mustache?" Thank you baby, but I will have to pass :)
(what happens when you have to finish a phone conversation)

Macklin loves water! He would play in water every second of the day if possible. Today was a water in the sink kinda day...which then turned into a bath in the sink!

Playing - On Monday we met up with a couple of friends at the park. Macklin has really changed the way that he plays with other kids. Now he is ACTUALLY PLAYING! Before it was more like two kids were in the same place but not actually interacting. Now he plays! It is fun to watch! 

Sport Skills - Macklin is loving all sports these days. We shoot hoops, kick soccer balls, play catch, play football, wrestle, work on our block starts and run, etc. His arm is getting pretty good! 

But, one area that he still needs to learn about is science, specifically gravity. He was tossing rocks in the landscaping the other day. He tossed a rock straight up....and it came straight down...onto his forehead! He was super surprised but handled it well. Yet another bump on the head for Mack. There is always more to learn, right?

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