Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Justin!

For Justin's birthday, I thought we would try to check an item off of his summer bucket list - search out Castle Peak! Castle Peak is a fun landmark north of the Gypsum/Eagle area. It can be seen right out of our church windows and we have always wanted to adventure over there! Well, we tried today, but we didn't get too close! We tried to go up through Wolcott and we couldn't get very close. Next time we will have to go up Colorado River Road and come in from the west side. But, none the less, still a fun day with the family. I love road trips with Justin because we just get to be together, no distractions (except maybe two cute kids in the back), just chatting. 

As close as we got :)

The roads we were trying to explore! 

Happy Birthday Daddy! 

We had a picnic at this little lake/reservoir and Justin opened his gift - a new pair of mountain biking shorts! 

 "Owwww" - Mack 
Crazy, Macy must have pulled your hand over and then put it in her mouth...silly boy! 

The Birthday Continues! 
We came home to our high school friends surprising Justin! He had NO idea! 

We love having Mack and Macy around our high school friends! It is so sweet! 

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