Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jesus Lives in My Heart

Macklin starting to learn more about Jesus and begin to understand things. His favorite story out of his baby Bible David and Goliath. 

A couple of weeks ago I convinced him to read another story and we were talking about the Holy Spirit. I told him that the Holy Spirit lives in his heart. He lifted up his shirt and said, "In here?" Then he asked about Macy. "Macy have Holy Spirit." After telling him the Jesus could live in Macy's heart, he said, "Lets go find it!" 

Then the other night, he asked me where Elmo's heart was because his PJs just have pictures of Elmo's head. He was concerned that the Holy Spirit couldn't live in Elmo's heart because he couldn't see it. 

And, my favorite Jesus moment yet....We were snuggling in bed a couple of nights ago and I said, "Macklin what are you thinking about?" "Jesus" "What about Jesus?" And Macklin said, "That Jesus lives in my heart." LOVE IT!

The other day, Macklin decided that he didn't want to sleep. He played quietly in his room for quite a while. By the time I finally decided I should end his room seclusion, I opened the door and this is what I found! A neatly organized stable with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus complete with a line of fences. It was the cutest thing ever! I haven't even seen him put the fences together yet on his own. It was so fun to see how much his little mind is changing! 

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