Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back with My Loves

It is so good to be back with my family after a week on the trail. God did amazing things and I know that I was there for a reason (more on that later. Facebook pics are up already), but that didn't help that fact that I missed squeezing each of these wonderful loves! Justin did a great job being super daddy for the week. He finished summer school (thank you for that extra income!), took care of the kids, perged our toys, organized our shed, kept the flowers and fish alive, continued to dog-sit for our friends pup, and totally cleaned the house before I came home! What a rock star! He is leaving on Tuesday for a teacher training in Texas, so I have to absorb as much of him as possible in the next three days. 

Today we headed over to Brush Creek Park for a picnic and exploration time. 
Macy loves to watch her big brother! 

My favorite new picture with her! 

 Eating ice cream after dinner. 
Macy's new thing...when she is hungry, she just climbs up into her high chair on her own! Funny girl! 

We send this collage pic to Grandpa and Mema tonight. We just thought we were eating at their house with our pork steaks, corn and potatoes. Justin said it felt like it was his birthday tonight since we were eating his favorites! Grandma - Justin was looking for deals at Columbine (now named Bella's Market) since you always find great deals there. $6 for three huge pork steaks = awesome dinner! 

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