Saturday, June 15, 2013

RMR Trip

I am headed out today for our first ever RMR Backcountry trip with Vail Valley Young Life. Myself and another female leader are taking seven of our small group girls on a seven-day backpacking trip in the Arapaho National Forest in north central Colorado. I have my pack all loaded up and we are headed out. I am very excited to see how God uses this trip. Normally we take kids to a traditional Young Life camp in the summer. For this trip, many of these girls have been to YL summer camp multiple times and we wanted to challenge them with something different. Only our small group girls were invited on the trip, all who want to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. If you are reading this, we covet your prayers. Please pray...
-for the health and safety of all involved
-that the wildfires in Colorado stay far from us
-that blisters are manageable
-that allergies and asthma are not a problem for our girls
-that quality conversations take place
-that our three senior girls are encouraged in their relationships with Jesus before heading to college
-that our junior girls develop a bigger heart for the lost at EVHS 
-that I can be used as a leader on this trip
-for Bianca and Andrew, our two guides
-for the weather to cooperate
-for fruitful time in the Word
-that our cars are safe while we leave them at a trailhead for a week
-for families and relationships that we are leaving for a week
-for drama to stay out of the trip between the girls going
-for cooperation and helpfulness of all the girls

I am so pumped for this trip and have been looking forward to this for a long time. My heart has been heavy for my family in the past few days as our departure nears. Justin is going to do a great job at home with the babies and we have some awesome friends taking care of them while he is working (thank you so much Brummers, Dodds, Owens, and Bangtsons). But, I am still going to miss them like crazy! Ok, that is all from here. Signing out, see ya in a week! 

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