Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Weeks of June

A few of the events of this month.

Macy's happy face! She is getting more and more personality each day! She is starting to make animal noises and is getting better at baby signing. She clearly knows what she wants these days and makes sure that you know it. She has also started spazzing out when she is unhappy, throwing her neck backwards and arching her back. This is quite scary depending on where she is (hard floor, etc). All part of growing up and expressing herself. 

Macklin played his first real game this week! He moved the spaces correctly and everything! It was actually really fun to play with him! 

Little Miss found a blue stamp and stamped each of her limbs and mouth this week! 

Our little park evening turned into a mud party bash! We just embrace those things around this house :)

 Party in the Park - Gypsum has concerts every Friday night for the first half of summer. Macklin had a blast on the blow ups with Justin and Macy and I enjoyed people watching (Macy learned that from Mimi). A little cotton candy helps the night as well (Uncle John - Macklin asked me to buy him "bunny tails" when he saw the cotton candy!). 

Big girls is starting to enjoy coloring! 

Mud Pie anyone? 

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