Friday, October 11, 2013


Over the past month or so, I have had a great opportunity to hang out more consistently with some incredible ladies. I have been evaluating friendships in my life lately. I have come to realize that I have a variety of women who I would call friends. Many of which would do anything for me if I asked. 

I have old high school friends that I could still call up and have lunch with any time I was around. 

I have amazing college girlfriends that I still consider close with even though we talk rarely amongst growing families and living in various time zones (what, it is really 11pm where you live even though I just put my kids to bed?). It doesn't matter that I haven't seen some of them in 5 years, I still love them dearly and long to laugh in person with them at any chance possible! 

I have teaching friends, coaching friends, MOPS friends, church friends, YL friends, high school friends, upvalley friends, and....I am sure I am forgetting something too. 

All of that to say that the Lord has blessed us with awesome people in our lives. But, with all of that said, I started to think about who are the people in my life that really know me. Who knows when I have had a hard day or a great day? Who laughs with me when Macy makes silly faces or when Macklin poops in the bathtub again? Who understands when I stay up until 1am planning practices? Who invites me to hang out as much as I invite them to hang out? All of these things I have been wondering lately. Aside from my amazing husband, awesome roomie Daniel, and my best friend of a mom (why can't we live closer???), I started wondering. 

My conclusion - friendships take work. I have to work and friends have to work to make things happen! Sometimes I get lazy and decide a day inside with my kids is all I am able to muster (which is ok sometimes of course). But after a playdate with some special mommies, I realize that God created us to do life together, in community with each other. No matter how long it takes to drive upvalley to see friends, it is worth it (Kari, Cara, and Jen)! But, unfortunately. this doesn't happen as often as I would like. I desired everyday, closely, drop my kids off when I run an errand friends. 

I have felt this at times with families in the valley, and then people relocate (dynamics of our valley). This year I have decided to make a commitment to pursue friendships of people that live around me and  are available to hang out more often, and not always planned. Mommihood can be lonely, but some sweet friends can spice that up very quickly! 

I have been enjoying doing playgroups with two groups of ladies this fall. One includes Becky, Susie, and Karley. Another includes Alana and Lisa. I am enjoying my time with these friends as we learn how to do life together and get to know each other more deeply. 

Thank you God for friends and thank you for challenging me to pursue friendships, and not just expect them to happen. 

Here are some fun things that have been happening with friends. 

Celebrating Abbie's Golden Birthday at the Back Bowl 
(Abbie is not a momma yet, but I enjoy her a lot nonetheless!) 

Girls Night at Susie's House 
(Becky, me, Susie, Mel, and Abbie) 

Playdate at Becky's House
Mack, Macy and Jaxson

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