Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Macy - 18 Month Update

Since I haven't done an update in a while, I decided I better share with the grandparents (and other readers) how Macy is doing! With this face, you just can't resist talking about her! 

Height - 31inches (25%tile)

Weight - 20lb 10oz (20-25%tile)

Eating - Pretty good eater, unless she chugs her milk cup before dinner. She is adventurous in her eating and will try most things at least once. She loves anything her brother is eating or drinking. 

Sleeping - Our precious girl is still taking two solid naps a day. She normally sleeps from 8:30-10:30ish and from 1:30-3:30pm. Just when I think she is going to drop the morning nap, she takes a 3hr nap! She also sleeps from 7:30pm-7am-ish. This girl enjoys her ZZZs. 

Walking - Or should I say running! She is a pro these days. She has been walking for about 9 months now and tries to keep up with Macklin as much as possible. She is a climber - watch out! She climbs up our back ladder on the swing set. She hasn't slipped in a while, but I still follow her tiny body everywhere. She is good to go down steps when reminded to go on her tummy. She is a pro at going up on her own. 

Talking - Macy's vocab is growing each day! She knows a ton of words and they are sounding better all of the time. Some of her favorites include: Taggie (her blankie), mine, dog, duck, no (of which she responds when she really means yes), mommy, daddy, book, milk. 

Clothes - She is wearing 18mo. clothes now but is growing like a weed! (FYI - Xmas goods should come in 24mo or 2T sizes :) Her feet are still tiny. She wears 4s and 5s now but some 3s still fit her without socks on. 

Concerns - At our doctor's appointment, I only had two concerns. 1. Biting - She has learned how to defend herself from big brother. We have been addressing it, but she has bite Mack a few times and he is pretty scared of her biting again. Friday was rough because she actually bit a child at MOPS. I felt awful. So, we are working on this. 2. Car Sickness - Three times in the last two months she has thrown up on morning car rides while going through winding roads. The doctor recommended that we make her face forward and limit milk in take before car rides. Hopefully that will help because it is a mess. 

Favorites - Good Night Moon book, her baby dolls, following Macklin, dumping out bins/buckets/baskets, playing at the park, the sandbox, and playing chase. 

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