Monday, October 14, 2013

Moab - Fall 2013 Trip - Updated

We are back from another run Moab trip. We have been trying to get to Moab twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Mission accomplished for 2013 (spring trip here). We planned the trip with our dear friends the Bangtsons and ended up with a great group. We got in late Friday night (actually early for 9ish). Kari and Hailee had been there early with their church group and had set up three tents in our favorite Moon Flower Campsite. Too bad they had set up and paid before meeting the ranger that told them to leave due to the government shutdown...seriously? What a bummer. We relocated to a field campsite down the road and got to help them unload when we showed up. 

Saturday the crew headed out on a day ride at the famous Slickrock Trail. I loaded the kids up and we hiked out to watch them take off. Macklin rode his Strider for a while before I decided it was just too dangerous to have him out and about with my ability to catch him (because I had Macy on my back). 

Happy Hiker

Twinsies!  ---  The Girls

Mountain Biking Boys

This is the first hill on the climb. 

Here is my group shot of the day...this is as far as I was able to go. 

Here is Hailee's shot of the day...I choose hers! 

Macklin, Macy and I explored a bit. Macklin could have stayed all day! 

Macy had fun walking around too! Such a big girl. I think her legs look so long in these pictures! 

My attempt at a shot of both of them...never works. :)

My favorite picture on the weekend! 

We had lunch and then took off for a fun new adventure with the kids. Directly across the highway from Arches National Park is a huge sand pit. We parked the car, let Macy sleep, and played for 1.5 hours! We made castles and buried three new friends in the sand! 

After a brief round of slack lining at the local park, I headed back out with the girls and Andrew for the second ride of the day. I like going on the second ride because everyone is already tired :) We hit up Bar M trails and road North 40 (a blue black trail...oh yay!) and Lazy EZ (rated as it sounds). I realized that even though I only mountain bike twice a year (in Moab), I actually am starting to like it when I find trails that I like. I hung in there for the North 40. I am just nervous and my hands hurt afterwards! 

Our RMR guide and new Vail Valley resident, Andrew 

We grabbed some food and headed back to the campsite for hot dogs and s'mores. 

While the crew headed out for a big ride, two WL leaders (Candace and Kim) and I packed up camp and headed to Arches. This is a favorite place for me to take the kids. I always forget how long it takes to get there, but they love the Sand Dunes Arch. 

The crew had an incredible ride on Porcupine Rim. Justin was beyond excited about his rides this weekend and his knee didn't even seem to bother him! 

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