Sunday, May 18, 2014

League Track Meet

The League Track meet in Grand Junction last weekend was the most fun track meet that I have ever coached in my track coaching career! I normally don't post a ton about track as there would never be an end to my posts, but I had to post a few favorites. 

Our "distance" team dinner the week before the meet. There are kids that I work with everyday and am responsible for training. A part of this crew below includes the new 4x800 boys school record holder, the 400m school recorder holder, and the 800m school record holder. Some seriously talented kids and just plain great to work with. 

We took this picture right before we started the meet - here is our League team! 
Note: We finished the season with about 146 kids on the team and we get to take the top 3 in each event and one relay team…so these kids are the best of our best! 

Matching hats! Always time for some fun pics while we wait for the next event. 

Bus ride to the meet on day two

New 100 Hurdles School Record Holder and two-time state qualifier…as a freshmen! 

You may be asking, why was this meet so fun? Well, all year we were thinking that we had our best team yet on the girls side and that the boys were still pretty solid. We had won the boys side in 2012, but the girls title has gone to our rival county school Battle Mountain for the past three years in a row. We thought we had a chance for a double win, but it was a stretch and some things would have to go in our favor. 

After starting a few points behind after the Thursday night pole vault, we were not excited. When Friday rolled around and BMHS was disqualified from their first relay, things started to look up! There was a lot of point counting and highs and lows over the two days. Every point mattered and every handoff was crucial. As the boys ran away with the title, the girls race got increasingly more interesting.  Our girls out-performed themselves in nearly every area with numerous school records and season bests. We worked tirelessly as coaches to put together our best lineup and it paid off! The whole meet came down to the final race…the 4x4 meter relay. We had our best team in there and ran away with the title. It was such a fun afternoon to watch the girls (and the boys) be so elated with themselves! 

2014 Western Slope League Champs

2014 Coaching Staff (missing one)
Jeff and I were awarded the Coach of the Year Awards for the Boys and Girls Teams

Some of my favorite girls! 

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