Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eric Update

I was able to see our dear friend Eric at our track meet in Grand Junction last weekend. It was sooooo good to see him and hear what is going on in his world. 

If you don't know who Eric is, he was a student and athlete of ours back in 2007. Prior to his senior year in 2009, he was having some hard times with his family and he lived with us during his senior year at Eagle Valley. He then went off to college at Mesa and has lived in GJ ever since. He will admit he has had some low motivation points of his life, but what a joy it was to see him now! 

Eric is working at a local gym and taking classes to be a trainer. He has gotten ripped himself and lost a lot of weight. He is saving up for a car. He runs to work most days. He is valued and trusted by his employer. He is doing everything he can to put his best foot forward in this life and be a blessing to those around him. 

So proud of you, Eric! 

Here is a great pic from back when he was living with us.

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